Monday, 30 March 2015

Follow Your Spirit Page

It is still March (and there was snow on the ground this morning to prove it!) and that means that the theme for The Documented Life Project is still Doodles and Mark Making. The Art Challenge for this week is to: make a custom element, and the Journal Prompt: Ride the energy of your own unique spirit (Gabrielle Roth).
I started by grabbing a gelli plate printed paper, cut it to size to fit my planner (7.1/4" x 8") and then stamped the spiral shapes on it using my first custom element, a home made stamp that I produced using foam shapes. The next element I made or rather cut out from a magazine is the hand shape which was then adhered to the page with temporary adhesive so I could use it as a mask while I painted the rest of the page with a purple glaze. I was really pleased with how that worked!
Mark making and doodling was added with white and black markers, putting lines into the spirals, outlining the hand and shapes and adding little circular doodles as shown.
The spirit element came in the shape of an image I found in a magazine showing a lighted candle in a container and I positioned that so that it looked like the hand was holding it. Finally I glued on the vintage text that read: Follow Your Spirit.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really like how you always follow your spirit, Frieda - and this page is no exception! :o)

emhowl said...

The magazine hand was only used as a mask? That is so effective. I often fancy making my own interpretation of Roland Penrose's Night and Day.

Linda Kunsman said...

fab page and I love the shape of the hand!


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