Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cyber Fyber Exhibition

I first heard about this on Lenna's blog and as I simply love my connections online to host this blog and swap ATCs, Fabric Postcards, Inchies etc. (as you may have noticed!!) I just had to participate. I simply can't imagine my life without my supportive internet friends. Cyber Fyber is the brainchild of fiber artist Susan Lenz who must have spend ages making a huge amount of fabric ATCs and postcards which she will swap with participating artists. The swapped cards will then become part of an international fiber art exhibition in January 2009 at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios in Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The exhibition will focus on the supportive, contemporary approaches to textiles, and finished work by Internet websites and blogs. How fun is that! You can read all about it on the website she has set up specially for this: Cyber Fyber Exhibition.

I made an ATC specially for this. For the background I used some hand-made felt I have been hoarding ever since I made it in December last year. I don't often make felt by hand (too much like hard work!) but whenever I do I love the finished product. Onto this I added the house image and girl, which are both from Artchix. They were originally on paper but I printed them out on a fabric sheet (with Artchix permission, of course!). I added blue beading and a sparkling heart at the top. The text: Promise to kiss me, is also from Artchix. The ATC was finished by sewing the whole card onto a watercolour card with red machine zig zag stitch.

I also decided to swap one of my very favourite fabric postcards: So the Days dragged, which I made back in June of last year. It has the background described in earlier blogs, where I couch a large variety of knitting yarns onto a fabric background which is fused onto Fast2Fuse. Onto this I stitched one of my favourite Alphastamps images from the Pre-Raphaelite Women sheet which in the background actually shows some embroidery. This is how I started my exciting fiber life so was really suitable. This is surrounded by a lovely sparkling trim which I think I bought in The Netherlands when visiting my mother. The edge is finished with gold zigzag. It's always hard for me to let my art go but this seemed the right place for it. And of course I will receive one of Susan's gorgeous art pieces in exchange!


Susan Lenz said...

Thank you ever so much! I am simply delighted with this trade and also the nice plug for CYBER FYBER. Like you, I truly love my Internet access to a world of fiber art and artists.

I also adore Pre-Raphaelite artwork and have had the opportunity to see many great works in the Birmingham Art Museum. My son now dances with Birmingham Royal Ballet.

I am so very, very impressed with your profile. It just makes everything about this trade and upcoming exhibition so much more wonderful.
Thank you!
Susan Lenz
PS Your post mentions and pictures a beautiful ATC. Did you mean to trade it as well? If so, there isn't a message at CYBER FYBER indicating which one you'd like.
Thank you again!

Cyber Fyber said...

Hi again!
I have solved the problem. The "spam" filter on the CYBER FYBER email account is stealing some of my messages...seemingly at random...but they are found now. I've got both requests! Please consider both the ATC and the postcard on their way to you!

Frieda Oxenham said...

That's wonderful, Susan, I'll post mine to you tomorrow. And I'll keep looking at all your wonderful ATCs and postcards

Anonymous said...

Lucky Susan getting that fantastic piece in a swap. I love all of the Pre-Raph images, they really speak to me. This is a very lovely piece!

creativelenna said...

oh, Frieda! I am so happy to read this post and see you have created an ATC and postcard for the cyber fyber exhibit. Your swap pieces are beautiful and it tickles me that reading about Susan's project gave you the same impetus it gave me. : ^ ) lenna


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