Saturday 23 June 2012

Peony Poem

I love peonies and as they have a very limited season and the ones in our garden are only just showing a bud I indulge by buying bouquets of them or, even better, being given those bouquets. I'm on my third one for this year and of course, those peonies become ready subjects for my photography, specially when the weather outside is beyond vile!! We had the most enormous thunderstorms yesterday during which Rueben, the dog, and I sought refuse in our bathroom. The poor thing was shivering like a leaf and you simply can't explain to a dog that it won't hurt him! In fact, I was trying to tell myself that too but I too didn't believe it!

For your delectation I've put together a slideshow of some of my peony pictures and you can see it by clicking on the link below! Enjoy!

My Animoto Video


creativelenna said...

wonderful seeing this photo again . . . loved your video too. It is raining here too, but thank goodness no thunderstorms at the moment. Asia shivers, shakes 7 hides as well ; ((

Linda said...

Slide show was a good idea. Love the photos. Poor little guy acared of storms, at least it eventually ends.

Linda Kunsman said...

Such beautiful flowers Frieda. I do hope poor Rueben is feeling much better today and the sun is shining for you.


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