Sunday, 30 June 2013

Thankerton and Covington Open Day

As we can't resist these occasions, specially when they are nearby, we made our way to the Thankerton and Covington Open Garden Day. There were a total of nine gardens to enjoy, five in Thankerton and four via a short circular scenic route by car, passing through the conservation village of Covington, taking in the magnificent views of Tinto Hill and Quothquan Law. There is evidence that people were living here in the Bronze Age and Neolithic times.

orange lilies

It wasn't a fabulous day weather wise. A stiff breeze blew, making close-up flower photography a bit problematic, but on the plus side, that wind kept the rain clouds on the move without shedding their load. So it stayed dry.

red hot poker

Can't exactly recall any more which photo I took where but there was beauty to be found in all the gardens as well as great ideas to take back to our own garden. We tried to grow red hot pokers when we first came here but it proved to be too cold. However we have a lot more shelter now that our trees are maturing so I'm going to give them another try.

White Bearded Iris

We were lucky to find one of these lovelies for sale in the plant stall, so next year we will be able to enjoy that luscious orange too.

The following few pictures were taken at Covington House, a beautiful old manse which includes a walled garden. It's one of Scotland's earliest feudal estates dating back to the 14th Century. I fell in love with some sweet, fluffy chicks (although I know there is no way I can persuade John to let our chickens breed, we have too many chickens already). And joy of joys, next door to this splendid building and garden I found a new to me, ancient graveyard and church dating back to the 13th Century. Rather than spend time there today when there were so many gardens to fit in, I will go back as there is public access to the churchyard, and already I can't wait.

deep red rose called Darcey Bussell

From the garden of Covington House I took this quintessentially rural scene. Again the cow parsley, buttercups and daisies in the field were a sight to behold!

There were water-lilies in quite a few of the gardens but this pink one proved to be my favourite, not least because I could get close enough to it to attempt a macro picture.


I'm afraid I have no idea about the name of the flower above. My first thought was a daisy of some description but I could be wrong.

And to end the day on a high note we finished it with tea accompanied by scones with cream and jam at the Thankerton Bowling Club! Perfect.



creativelenna said...

frieda, what beautiful green hills and such gorgeous flowers! what a treat these open gardens are, my goodness. I see beauty everywhere via your visit here!

Unknown said...

Thank you for coming. We were very glad to meet you at the Manse. Drop in again if you visit the graveyard...hopefully on a sunny evening. The Rose is called Darcey Bussell. The large yellow bloom is a Gazinia.

Maggi said...

What beautiful flowers, that must have been a gorgeously fun day!

Jewels said...

Sounds like the perfect day Frieda! By the way I have moved all my favorite blog links (including yours) over to BlogLovin since Google Reader disappears on July 1st :( You may want to look into it...


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