Monday, 10 December 2012

Michael Brennand-Wood exhibition in Edinburgh

As the weather is so changeable at this time of year I try and see exhibitions in Edinburgh almost as soon as they open while the going is good. It was very cold and icy this morning but I knew conditions would be better in Edinburgh so before we get snowed or iced in I travelled to the Dovecot Studios to see the Michael Brennand-Wood exhibition. So pleased I did as I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. This artist is inspired by textiles and also uses textiles and textile techniques in his work. I had seen some of his work before but never so many together in one place. The title of the exhibition is: "Forever Changes" (I loved the titles he gives his art!) and it's a retrospective going from his earliest to his most recent work. I urge you to go if you can, it's so worthwhile. Loved seeing the work and also the beautiful shadows it left on the white walls in the Dovecot Studios. No pictures as there is a strict No Photography rule but there is a splendid catalogue in full colour featuring almost all the work on show and it's even signed by the artist if you buy it at the Dovecot. The exhibition is on till the 12th January.
I was planning to walk to the West End but got no further than the Christmas market as it was perishingly cold. I did contemplate a trip on the wheel (as seen above next to the Scott Monument) but as I was in danger of frost bite at ground level I didn't want to go higher. It seemed unseasonally quiet in Edinburgh and at the market. Perhaps because of the cold and also because it was Monday morning but still.

The carousel (see at the top also against the background on the Scott Monument) wasn't operational yet but I spotted what I think is a Dutch flag on one of the emblems at the top so couldn't resist a quick picture. This will be my blip for today.

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Linda said...

Love the photos. I don't know what perishingly cold is but I'm sure it describes the weather we are having. I like the sound of it-perishingly cold. Time to stay warm.


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