Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Art Cards 252 - 260

Here is the next set of 9 art cards. Remember these cards are part of the #365somethings2018 project on Instagram, where I hope to end up with 365 cards, one for each day of 2018. If you want to see them appear individually each day and you can find them all on  my Instagram feed.

Monday, 17 September 2018

The Stencilfied Journal Prompt Sixteen

It is time for the latest prompt (no. 16 already) for #thestencilfied journal, a project organized by Tina Walker in conjunction with Stencilgirl®. You can read the prompt beneath. All tags are done by Tina.
I'm only showing you my pages (in a 9 x 14" journal) as they looked before I wrote my letter and glued them together as once that was done they disappeared never to be seen again!
The background was made with the L491 Organic Roots Large stencil by Stencilgirl® followed by rubber stamping and stencilling with titanium white paint and the medium stencil from the July 2018 Stencilgirl®Club.
Secrets seemed a suitable theme for these pages considering the prompt and she is sure to keep her secrets now!

Originally this was our last prompt and together they have filled up my 9 x 14cm journal. However we are continuing with another 8 prompts and I will working a new journal but exactly the same one as before. Below is a picture of the one that is now done.


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