Monday, 12 October 2015

Will the Day tell its Secret

 A new week brings a new challenge on The Documented Life Project 2015. We are staying with our theme of translucent papers. The art challenge is: tissue paper and the journalling prompt: The Disappearing Trick. Although these challenges are set every week and I do try and follow in their path this is still my art journal and I also want to keep the pages personal to me in my journalling. So I always investigate the prompt and see whether it can lead me to where I would want to go. In the case of this prompt it took me to a quotation by Dejan Stojanovic : "Will the day tell its secret before it disappears, becomes timeless night". This quotation then led to the creation of these pages, with the figure representing the day.
The background used tissue paper as per the art challenge. It's hard to discover them in the finished spread but one tissue paper had green leaves on it which can just be glimpsed and the other was turquoise with little sparkles incorporated in the paper. After glueing those on I painted over the pages with a variety of paints. I can tell that the time will soon come to move my paints inside the house from the shed and also that it is time to begin using the heat gun to dry the layers as waiting for them to dry naturally is taking longer and longer!
 I added pattern using stencils, all by Stencilgirl Products (Circle Layer stencil, the Juxtapose one the Go Your Own Way stencil, the Wall of Words one and there might be more! I went a bit mad with the stencils!).  I also added rubber stamping using the French Journal Page one designed by France Papillon for Stampotique, which I just discovered covers the same time period in October as we're in at the moment. The universe seems to be speaking to me!
 For the figure I used a technique I just learned last week in the 21 Secrets Fall 2015 class by Christine Anderson and her body was cut from a gelli plate printed page. She did look rather strange without her facial features so I decided to give her back her head. The words of the quotation was partly cut from magazines and partly rubber stamped.
The final addition were the 3 Egyptian postage stamps bottom right, chosen  both for their imagery, their colours and the fact that all 3 were the same size. Finding the words as well as the postage stamps took almost an entire afternoon but it was worth it in my opinion. I do tend to get a tad obsessive at times! The edges of the pages were coloured with a Distress Ink inkpad in Walnut Stain colour.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A walk in the forest


I went to have another look at the fungi in the forest but they had all turned to mush. So we ventured thhrough the dark wood to come out at one of the official paths to enjoy a bit of sunshine.


There were good views of the Pentland Hills to be had.

Mixed in with the mainly evergreen trees are some deciduous ones which had already lost most of their leaves and were covered in lichen.

We also passed the old fire pond full of beautiful reflections as well as many leaves.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Like a Circle in a Spiral

The catch-up with my art journal goes on and I'm hoping to get to a stage where there are no more spreads in there that I haven't blogged about. There is still some way to go. These pages were made on the 11th June. They were inspired by the lyrics of The Windmill of Your Mind song. I was quite surprised that it came out way back in 1969! I can remember doing my homework accompanied by this music. Perhaps this is the origin of my love for circles and spirals.
I started with a painted and stencilled background onto which deli paper was collaged. The stencil I used is from Balzer Designs. Rubber stamps were added (from Art to the 5th). After the background was made I used circles in a variety of sizes as masks and blackened in the background. The circles were then outlined with a white marker, and I stamped around their perimeter using another stamp from the same Art to the 5th rubber stamp sheet.
 A silver pen was used to write some of the lyrics of the song around the edges of the circles. 
The song was, and still is, a great favourite of mine and it was going around my head at the time this spread was made as so much was whirling around in my own head. Putting it on the page helped remove some of it from there.


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