Wednesday, 29 July 2015

This Moment

The latest challenge on The Documented Life Project 2015 was right up my street dealing with issues of time. We are staying with our July theme of Ephemera, while the art challenge is: Real Life, and the Journalling Prompt: At This Moment. Time plays a large role in my journalling and whenever I see the image of a clock in any magazine I immediately cut it out because I know I will want to use it sometime soon!

After the pale colours from last week's spread I decided to go brighter and this spread began and ended with gold. The first layer was gold paint and the last one a gold Mica spray. I also used a lot of red as you can see and that was inspired by the figure I wanted to use. You have seen her before (on this spread for Stencilgirl) and although she was smaller than I would have liked ideally, it still worked. For the background I used baby wipes to rub back the paint through a variety of Stencilgirl stencils (stencil from the February 2015 Stencilgirl Club, Random Marks, and Aztec Sun Large Stencil). Vintage collage elements were added and I rubber stamped the word MOMENTS ( from Hero Arts) on 3 times as shown.
Then the main imagery was glued on. The painting shown above  is by G. F. Watts and called Time, Death & Judgement.
Acrylic ink in a variety of colours was dribbled down the pages. I also added lots of journalling about moments around the spread. All came from my head but some of it probably comes from quotations stored there. This writing is mainly a message to myself to go back to living in the moment as I try to do as much as possible. I haven't done too well with it in the past weeks though!
The final touch was to add on the postage stamps. Somehow my pages don't seem to be complete without those.

Monday, 27 July 2015

No One Listened

I feel very lucky indeed to be back today as the Guest Designer for Stencilgirl. It's a honour to be asked and a joy to work with their stencils. You can read a very detailed tutorial about how these pages (made in my Dylusions Journal) came to be on their very informative website Stencilgirltalk today.

The title refers to the unfortunate situation Scottish voters find themselves in, having to undergo 4 elections in as many years. The referendum vote on whether or not Scotland stays in the UK and the vote for the British Parliament are now behind us, while the voting for the Scottish Parliament and a referendum whether or not Britain stays in the EU is still to come. As a result many people (me included) have gone off politics completely. There is only so much biased information we can all bear to listen too.
On the plus side I have finally managed to wean myself of my news junkie tendencies and instead let the gentleness of craft shopping channels wash over me while judging newspapers on the quality of their sudoku puzzles. In the time I'm saving I make art! Personally I think many politici would do well to follow suit.
Sadly though they have our future in their hands depending on the result of all those votes. Let's hope we can trust them with it. 
A lot of different techniques were applied to make these pages including washi tape and a small gelli plate. I used many Stencilgirl stencils in this spread. Here they are: \L348 Doodle It Borders, L231 Tangled Tribal Hand, S261 Fridge Poetry and S214 Past, Present, Future.
Hope you enjoy these pages and I'm happy to be able to tell you that I will be back as Stencilgirl's Guest Designer in the months to come, including detailed descriptions of how I come up with my work, all to be found, like today's contribution, on Stencilgirl Talk.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

May I Introduce

Mme Alfred Carriere, a beautiful noisette rose.

Madame Carriere was the wife of Alfred Carriere who was editor in chief of a horticultural magazine in the lare 19 Century in France. Sadly we don't know what her name was. Although a lady would never reveal her age, the rose dates back to 1879.


Saturday, 25 July 2015


It's evidence of how much I enjoyed Flora Bowley's class on Life Book 2015 this week that I did not one but 3 pages and I'm definitely going to do some more in the near future. As I explained in my earlier post about her class, she calls her process Brave Intuitive Painting and it means starting to paint without any pre-conceived ideas about the outcome of the process. In this piece circles emerged eventually (as they tend to do a lot in my work).

While photographing this page and specially when taking pictures of the details I once again thought about how this might work on fabric and in fact a flash of inspiration came my way to tell me what I wanted to do with it.

I'll let it stew for a bit and if I still think I will work I will be getting on with getting this printed out onto fabric yardage. Exciting stuff! And I'm grateful that that spark came to light as inspiration and joy have not been around a lot lately.



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