Friday, 22 August 2014

Passioneyes 3

I thought about waiting and posting late tonight after the preview of the exhibition (6 - 9 pm! see yesterday's post)  but then decided this would be adding more stress to the occasion and it is in any case always hard to take pictures at such events so I will be concentrating on taking pictures there tomorrow and blogging them then, and perhaps add any pictures I (or John) might take tonight to that post .

Instead I'm adding the last few spreads in my Passioneyes Journal today. This is made for the Sketchbook Project and once I've done this post the sketchbook will be winging it's way to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will become part of the collection and then travel across the US next summer. It will also be digitalized by the Project and be available for online viewing together with all the previous  sketchbooks I did for them. You can see the previous pages in this sketchbook in my earlier posts here and here.
I started by gluing several of the pages in this Moleskine like sketchbook together to make a sturdier surface and then collaged vintage images and text onto the pages in keeping with my chosen theme of History Book. I added acrylic paints and then used faces from magazines as mask and surrounded them with Silk Acrylic Glaze, purple in this case. I added the found text to the spreads.Washi tape was also put onto the pages as you can see clearly above (the Paris text bit). This sketchbook is all about the eyes though and they too come from magazines and were collaged onto the faces.
I love how the vintage imagery peeks through!
And this is the back cover where you can see the barcode that is unique to each sketchbook and that is scanned every time the book is borrowed by someone. I get send an e-mail when that happens too and it's always so lovely to see them coming in and know that someone I don't know in a place far away has been looking through my sketchbook. It give me a thrill every time!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Exhibition is Almost There

Back to Tweeddale Museum and Gallery today to take a few progress pictures of the exhibition. All the journal quilts are now mounted on white boards and those boards will go up onto the walls today. So exciting!

And even better one journal quilt has already been sold thanks to a fellow blipper. It's one of my own favourites: no. 43 Burano! HUGE thanks to Amanda!

Spot the red dot!

The next time you and I will see the show (can't wait!) is at the preview tomorrow night 6 - 9pm here:

52 Journals

A series of weekly journal quilts


Frieda Oxenham

23rd August – 4thOctober 2014

Museum Room

TweeddaleMuseum and Gallery

Chambers Institution

High Street


EH45 8AG


Open Mon-Fri 10.30 – 12.30 and 1 – 4 Saturdays 9.30 –12.30

And during the PeeblesArts Festival:

On Sat 23rd and 30rd August also 1 – 4pm

And on Sunday 24th and 31stAugust 1 – 4 pm

Full Disabled Access

Free Entry

Do drop by. The more the merrier! It's the opening night of all the galleries in Peebles for the Peebles Arts Festival, so it will be a very cheerful evening. You can find all the info about this here.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Late colour in the garden


There is still plenty of colour left in the garden with more appearing on a daily base. Above a lily with the most delicious scent and underneath an emerging double hollyhock.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hanging 52 Journals Exhibition

Exciting times ahead as the date for my 52 Journals Exhibition in Peebles is almost upon us. We started the hanging process today as you can see on the pictures. The preview is this coming Friday 22nd August between 6 and 9 pm if you want to come along and then it opens properly on Saturday the 23rd. Here is all the info:

52 Journals
A series of weekly journal quilts
Frieda Oxenham
23rd August – 4th October 2014
Museum Room
Tweeddale Museum and Gallery
Chambers Institution
High Street
EH45 8AG
Open Mon-Fri 10.30 – 12.30 and 1 – 4 Saturdays 9.30 – 12.30
And during the Peebles Arts Festival:
On Sat 23rd and 30rd August also 1 – 4pm
And on Sunday 24th and 31st August 1 – 4 pm
Full Disabled Access
Free Entry

All the journal quilts will be FOR SALE, apart that is from the one that you can see above this post as part of my banner. It's no. 28 Going Around in Circles. I'm hanging on to that one.

The price for all the other ones will be £125 each. You can see all of them in the slideshow underneath (sorry, it doesn't work on tablets but you can simply press on the 52 Journals tag underneath or in the sidebar and find them all that way) or in the sidebar and if you are interested in buying one particular one you just need the number and you can then contact the museum staff on 01721-724820 and they will assist you. Otherwise it will be a first come, first served policy and as some of you already know I don't do commissions so won't replicate any of them.

The show is part of the Peebles Arts Festival taking place from the 22nd - 31th August and in the show program I'm venue 41.
This time the Journal Quilts are carefully displayed not in numerical order but with like for like, so in a way the exhibition itself has been designed. I think they will look much better this way.

The other exciting news is that two of the Journal Quilts on display (no. 23 An Uphill Struggle and no. 7  Close-Up) will be featured in a book called 1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider to be published by Quarry Books in 2015. Two other pieces of my work will be featured too. To say I'm over the moon is a bit of an understatement!

Here is the slideshow:

Monday, 18 August 2014

I am not a Number

 Week 34 of 2014 has arrived and our task for The Documented Life Project was to: "fill the page with numbers that relate to your week". I used the first part of the challenge but completely ignored the second. Never mind, I ended up with a page I enjoyed making and that I'm happy with. I started with a bit of a problem. I didn't have much gelli plate painted paper left. And at the moment I have too much on to make more,  so instead I grabbed a lot of left over pieces and sewed them together till I had a piece large enough to fit my 2014 Moleskine planner (4.3/4 x 8").
The next step was to go to my mixed media stash and grab everything that had numbers on it or that I could use to make numbers such as a number punch. I found that I had a lot more numbers to play with than I hoped for. Some were number stamps, others number stickers and I also found some Tim Holtz rub-on number sheets which I liberally applied all over. Once I started putting on numbers I found it hard to stop and as a consequence the entire page is filled to the brim. I added outlines etc. with marker and watercolour pens.
While I was working I thought about numbers, and eventually came up with: "I'm not a number" . A saying from a television series (The Prisoner, made in the 60/s) going back in the mists of time. The full line reads: "I'm not a number, I'm a free man".

Amazing how the content is getting ever more relevant as the years have progressed.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Delicious Dahlia Day

Today was the last garden open on one specific day in our area and it was one of my favourites called Culter Allers in Coulter, Lanarkshire. We have been here many times before, starting way back in 1996 or 1997, not sure which, when we were here with John's mother. This is the garden that started my love of dahlias, spurred on by her. Not that the rest of the garden isn't attractive but the dahlias steal the show.

As you can see the garden is very colourful and lovely. We were lucky as the rain stayed away although it was very windy which did interfere with the photography at times.

Culter Allers is a late Victorian baronial house (the house itself isn't open) that has maintained its traditional one acre walled kitchen garden where one half is dedicated to fruit and vegetable and the other half (my favourite) to flowers. We were mainly out of the wind in the garden and when the sun came out occasionally it was even warm. You can see pictures of our previous visits here and here and also here.

I remembered this rustic seat from previous times but noticed this time how beautifully it framed the blue flowers behind.

And then there are the dahlias, They have a large bed at the back of the walled garden to themselves and what a colourful display they put on there. So stunning. I can't help myself and have to click away even though I have pictured these beauties many times before. They are just such a delight.

I'm as you know a lover of colour but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate white flowers just as much.

And although I love the big, blowsy dahlias best I am also attracted to these smaller pompom models.

White can be pure perfection!

Love the pink tentacles.

Another pompom dahlia and this was the one that stole my heart today. Sorry I don't have any names for you (or for myself for that matter!). There were no labels on show.

Finally there were some adorable butterflies about, mostly resting against the warm wall in the garden but some were also feeding on the flowers. I always find them quite flighty creatures to capture in a photograph but all of these stayed obligingly still for me.

I am very bad at identifying butterflies, but love seeing them so mayby next summer I should try and get to grips with their names, specially as they get blipped by other people all the time so notes will be taken!

We had the best tea out of all our garden visits this year and for once I decided to cancel the evening meal and indulge. Sadly it was no longer served in the house itself as it had been in previous years but instead in the stables and to John's delight we were seated next to a vintage Bentley! I'm not a car person myself but I have to admit it had very sleek lines and I could have fancied a trip in it.


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Gladioli gladness


Yesterday I received not one but two bouquets of gladioli. How lucky can you get. Many thanks to John and Jane who each had no idea that the other also brought me gladioli. The two bunches of pale pink and vibrant red went perfectly together.



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