Thursday, 19 January 2017

MiniMini 20

Finally I have managed to produce another 6" square mini quilt to show you. My aim is to make a total of 100 and then put them together onto one large piece. The project originally started as part of a Make Modern magazine challenge and I loved making these little pieces so much that I just kept on going. This is no. 20 so 1/5 is completed.
I'm fitting these in around my other projects so progress is slow but hopefully steady. I'm also thinking I should make a start on the background as having to do that at the end will be extremely boring so better to divide it up into shorter periods of straight machine quilting on white!
This little quilt is machine quilted, raw edge appliquéd with hand stitching, hand beaded and embellished with a button.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Live Inspired

 Another project that I'm going to try and incorporate in my learning process consists of a series of classes posted every other Wednesday, called Inspiration Wednesday, organized by Donna Downey. She shows a video with a project that you can take in any direction you want. I like the freedom this gives you and again, I'm going to do it when I fancy it and if not, I'll simply miss that week. In any case you have access to the class video forever so can always go back. I subscribed in 2016 too but only towards the middle of the year so I will try and view those videos when the mood strikes me.

Donna herself works in a fabric covered journal and she has these for sale in her shop. I could easily have made my own one but sometimes it's so lovely to just buy what you like and get going straight away!
You will have to buy the class to get the full instructions on how to make the pages. I will just mention that the stencil I used for the molding paste background came from an unknown source, while the text stencil is from Donna Downey herself.  The rubber stamp in the background is by ImpressMeNow
I like the fact that there is a mix of different sized pages in the journal and the smaller pages are incorporated in the bi-weekly spreads. I incorporated my word for 2017 (UNWIND) on one of them.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Power

The first prompt for 2017 on Colour Me Positive 2017 was: Power. I know I mentioned I wasn't going to continue with CMP but somehow I seem to  have grasped my art journal (A4 Dylusions) and set to, probably encouraged by the fact that I won a pack of collage papers for my contribution in week 53. It's winging it's way to me from Australia! The other factor is that sometimes I just want to immerse myself in art journalling. In any case I found a great quotation by Joseph Stalin: "I believe in one thing only: the power of human will". Stalin wasn't a man who lived up to his own quotations much but this one has always spoken to me, regardless of the person who said it.
I used collage with a magazine image, vintage text, wallpaper segments and postage stamps (from the USSR, of course!).
 The background was done with stencilling using L450 Fantasia stencil by Stencilgirl and rubber stamping with the Circles and Dots stamp from Carabelle Studio. Acrylic ink was dripped down the pages as well.
 The text was rubber stamped too using an alphabet set apart from the word POWER, which is collaged.
I'm coming to the end of this particular art journal so the pages are not lying quite flat any more hence the photography on the slant!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Let's Walk

We woke up to a beautiful blue sky with the moon still present making for a very romantic image.  The day proceeded to live up to that beautiful beginning.
Another long forest dog walk was on the programme and during it we met 4 horses, one jogger and a large, black dog. Although Flora was a bit weary at first she relaxed when the dog paid her no attention whatsoever and she even made some moves in his direction. It was definitely a him so that might have encouraged her. Normally the forest is very quiet and it's good to come across all these different people and animals just to see how she reacts to it all.
 The light within the trees was lovely.
Above is the sunset from yesterday taken from the garden and I expect it will be much the same today as again we have sunshine and a clear sky.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Uppercase Fabric Flowers

After months of making fabric flowers I thought I would have way too many for the quilt they were meant to go on, and I had already made plans to produce a cushion with the leftovers. But once I started to appliqué them on, the quilt seemed to swallow them up and in the end all the flowers found a place on the quilt.
I will show you the finished quilt in the future but here are some details of the flowers. All the fabrics I used are from the collection called Uppercase produced by Windham Fabrics. The fabric is inspired by the covers of past Uppercase magazine covers.


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