Friday, 18 October 2019

Tiny Sketchbook

Some of you may remember previous sketchbooks I made for The Sketchbook Project, that were also featured as tutorials on the Stencilgirl® Talk website. Just enter my name in the search bar there and they’ll pop up. They were all monthly projects in my capacity as Guest Designer for them. 

The Sketchbook Project also does other projects apart from their regular sketchbooks and one of these involves tiny sketchbooks, sized 2.5 x 2.1/4” (about 1/3 of their regular sized ones). These proved irresistible to me so I decided to order one of these tiny beauties and once again also to make it a monthly project for Stencilgirl®.  You can find it  as a full step by step tutorial on the Stencilgirl®Talk website today. Unusually for me I decided to play with watercolours, both in palette and marker form. 

There are themes set by The Sketchbook Project to chose from and for mine I selected Around the World. It was both fun and challenging to work on such a tiny scale.

The sketchbook will be posted  to the Brooklyn Art Library in due course,  where it will find a permanent home and also go on tour. It will be digitized by The Sketchbook Project too.  Again to see previous sketchbooks I have done for them (all normal sized!) just search for my name on their site.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Collage 42

A new week means a new collage as part of my #52collages2019. And here it is, full of sunshine and there is even a bit of that outside at the moment. This one however is still full of the joy of summer. Not difficult to see the light then but it will be a bit more challenging in the dark winter months that will soon be upon us.

The blue figure comes from a painting by Picasso, while the postage stamps is an Israel Arbor Day one that toned in well with the spirit of the collage.

Only 10 more collages to go now!


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