Wednesday, 16 August 2017

minimini 31

These minimini (6 x 6" or 15 cm square) quilts are another example of small projects that can be fitted in whenever there is a spare moment. I am steadily making them but uploading them here takes a bit longer. This is no. 31. I am hoping to make 100 in due course and put them together into one large piece of work.

They were originally started (at least the first 6) as part of an Instagram challenge by the Make Modern magazine and I enjoyed them so much that I have simple continued.

All of them are machine quilted, raw edge appliquéd and hand beaded. This one also has a modern button.

To show the scale I have nestled this one in among a gunnera leaf.

Monday, 14 August 2017

More Artmarks

Here is the next lot of artmarks pages done in a small (3.5 x 5.5") art journal/notebook following the prompts provided by Rae Missigman. The prompts are written under each image. There are only a few more to go now and although I haven't managed to do all of them in the 30 days I have enjoyed making these small pages.  I'll share more with you when they are done. Somehow what with everything going on at the moment small projects suit me best. They can be done in small amounts of time here and there in between the general madness.
I used a wide variety of techniques and media. All the stencils used are by Stencilgirl Products.


The above one with the prompt collected was done by gluing down a paper towel that had been used blotting up paints in previous artmarks. The gluing makes it very textural.
As always the metallic element is hard to photograph and that's why I have added a detail of this page below. I used a lot of metallic paints and also metallic glitter bits.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

I will save you

The prompt this week on Joggles Art Journal Adventures is: water. Well, there is plenty of it about, most of it falling from the skies. I can testify to that having just returned from a very wet dog walk. Water has also prominently featured in a lot of my work, both mixed media and textiles.
I started by making the watery background, using stencils L301 Circles, Circles stencil by Stencilgirl Products, as well as the large stencil from January 2017 Stencilgirl Club and the small stencil from June 2016 Club stencils.
By this time I had remembered a poem that I had added to my Pinterest album Quotations to live by and retrieved it from there. It's by ~e.h otherwise known as Erin Hanson and reads:

I promise I will save you
when you cannot stay afloat,
and if your tears can fill an ocean,
then for you I'll be a boat.

That inspired the imagery I used for collage in this spread. They all come from a vintage book Manual of Seamanship II, 1932. I coloured in the focal image with Sharpie markers.  
The text was printed out using my computer, and I used a piece of blank vintage paper to print it out on. The text was torn out and glued on. I used a watersoluble blue marker around the edges.
Some of the "raindrops" have been added with metallic paint which you can just about see on the image above.

This is the final spread in the 5.5 x 8" notebook/art journal I have been using for Joggles prompts, and is my second album already this year for them. I'm currently on the hunt for another similarly sized journal but I had better be quick as the next prompt is due on Monday.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


The prompt today for #30daysofcomposition on Instagram was: balance. There was plenty of inspiration in the Penicuik Estate what with the tree felling, the urns on top of Penicuik House, and Water Willie (featured here before) standing on top of his fountain. I used the above picture for my Instagram entry.

Penicuik House

Water Willie


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