Saturday, 23 July 2016

Minimini 10

Minimini 10 temporarily got lost on my work desk and I only discovered again this morning while working on no. 11. I've pictured it here in among Rosa Albertine and Paul's Himalyan Musk to show the scale. It's 6" or 15 cm square.

You will know by now that I'm aiming to make 100 of these small pieces and then put them together into one large piece but that moment is still some time away! For the moment I'm simply enjoying thinking of a design for each one and making them. 
These are photographs also discovered again today on my camera although they were taken on our one tropically hot day here in Scotland last Tuesday. I sat outside till very late basking in the sunshine and the lovely views from the bench underneath the tree that is my favourite place to while away the hours.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Learn to Let Go

The second prompt for July on Wanderlust 2016 was: What do I want to learn. I can tell you that the list is endless! And there is no way I can possibly fit it into one lifespan. However the first thing that came to mind and that I think is therefore one of my main issues is to: Learn to let go. And that includes letting go of some of those things I still want to learn.

I also found a quotation that exactly caught what I wanted to convey. It says: "There are things we don't want to happen, but have to accept. Things we don't want to know, but have to learn. And people we can't live without but have to let go". (Jennifer Jareau).

I worked as always for Wanderlust this year in the Vintage Vanity art journal by Prima and have reached the pages that have a pattern on them as you can just about still see around the rings. I did however gesso over most of the spread so that the pattern disappeared. The background was done by collaging pieces of gold patterned paper to the background as well as tissue wrap from Tim Holtz.

I used stencil S309 Juxtapose for the background and when I was happy with the result added more collage in the form of the black circles which were stencilling onto deli paper (using the L301 Circles Circles stencil). This is also when I added the quotations, that were printed out using the computer/printer.

The black circles were stamped on using an art foamie,  Polka Dots designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and I also used a rubber stamp with diagonal lines. Then I added more words using the S214 Past Present Future stencil and also used that same stencil to add more texture and circles with white paint. I finished the spread with some black and white outlining.

This post means I have caught up with showing my Wanderlust spreads here on the blog. We get two prompts per month and this was the second one for July.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Random Pictures from the Garden

After yesterday's torrential downpours, lightning and thunder the net results were one horrific migraine and one TV busted, and that despite the fact we had switched it off. Switching it back on again did for the power card and it's cheaper to get a new one than to have it repaired, seeing that it is more than 8 years old. The head fortunately healed itself.

The garden on the other hand was very grateful for all the rain and it's looking very lovely this morning with lots of flowers and specially roses enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures with occasional sunshine. 

Verbascum flowers

Roseraie de l'Hay

Rosa Glauca, also known as rosa rubrifolia

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Being An Individual

This is my day this month to be a Stencilgirl Guest Designer and that means that there is a full tutorial for these pages on the Stencilgirl Talk site today. You can find it here. As I mentioned a few days ago this is also the first spread I did in the 8 x 8" Dylusions journal with black pages. I have had the journal for quite some time as I seem to have made a point of honour to possess every art journal on the market! But I hadn't used it yet and now that I have started to work in it I'm surprised by how much I am enjoying that black background.
The other thing I experimented with was using Radiant Gels through the stencil in both copper and gold and I love the additional sparkle this gives the pages. To add even more I also used a sparkly blue gel pen to fill in the circles of the flowers and mandalas. A paper napkin with flowers was also part of the mix on this spread.
And of course as you can see it features a large and several small mandalas. This one comes from a very early Stencilgirl stencil S041 Mandala #1. I'm definitely going to work more in this black paged journal.
Thanks again to Stencilgirl for having me as their Guest Designer, it's always both a joy and an honour!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Journey into Yourself

Colour Me Positive's prompt this week was: Journey, and the art challenge to add a place on your page that you would like to  go to on a journey. Well, never mind the fact I was there back in April, I would very much love to return to New York so this is another journal spread dedicated to our trip there.

It was good that I had so many New York related art supplies to play with, as well as many, many photographs. I started with Stencilgirl's L443 City Buildings stencil and played with it both by removing paint through it and adding paint in the traditional stencilling method. I wanted the pages (in my A4 Dylusions journal) to look both grungy and graffiti like.

Once I was happy with the spread I added collage with deli paper previously stencilled with black. I grabbed another great New York related art supply, this time the Urban Scribble foam stamp, cling rubber and stencil set, designed by Nathalie Kalbach and added the rubber stamp image along the bottom of the pages.

I had found a quotation I liked and that related to the theme of Journey. It reads: "To travel is to take a journey into yourself" (Danny Kaye) and added it to the page using collage with magazine words as well as by rubber stamping some of them on.

The next step was to add on the images which are all my own photographs printed sized 2 x 2" by the Social Print Studio. On the right hand page I used pictures from Times Square while the yellow taxis feature on the left. The pictures were distressed using a Prima tool and scratching over them to stay with the grungy look.

Finally I added bits of New York themed washi tapes as well as a postage stamp with the Statue of Liberty on it. Together the pages are another great reminder of our visit.


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