Monday, 1 September 2014

Pink hollyhock

For the first time in what seems like ages (even though it was just over a week) i spend the entire day at home working on embellishing a large quilt. I needed not just that sense that I'm making art but also that quiet time so that I can return to myself.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Black and White Page

Today is the last day that the exhibition will be open on Sunday afternoon (between 1 and 3pm) as well as the final day of the Peebles Arts Festival. I will still be at my exhibition regularly but not necessarily every day. If you want to meet up there let me know though and depending on what else I'm doing I might be able to be there. In the meantime lots of other things are remaining undone but I'm pleased to say I managed to make the page for week 36 of The Documented Life Project. Our task this week was: Black and White.

 As you can see I kept it very simple and only used rubber stamping for this one. The Frida Kahlo stamp is from Invoke and the trees, birds and quotation from Lavinia stamps.
I just couldn't keep it completely black and white and just had to throw in some red. I'm sure Frida would have approved!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

In the gallery


I hardly took any pictures today but at the last minute remembered to capture the above view in the gallery. If you look closely you'll see another red dot has appeared bottom left, which was lovely and made up for the upset caused by the fact that one of the events of the Peebles Arts Festival was unexpectedly taking place in the gallery. It meant that for about an hour or so this morning no one else could get in there, including me.

I can only hope this didn't inconvenience anyone, and to give them their due I did get an unreserved apology from the museum staff. Fortunately I met a friend to have a cup of tea with and a lovely rummage along Peebles High Street and on my return met up with another friend who bought the piece with the red dot. I also received a wonderful birthday present from yet another visiting friend. Hurrah for Thistle Quilters ( they are all members, just like me).

So I should also mention that I will be at the show tomorrow afternoon between 1 and 3 pm but after that there will be a talk about John Buchan in the gallery. I think tickets are still available for the talk if you're interested.

I have been present at the exhibition most days since it opened because the Peebles Arts Festival was on. That finishes tomorrow and in the coming weeks I will pop in regularly but not be there all the time. If you want to meet up let me know and if I'm available I'll try to be there!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Birthday bouquet detail


This gorgeous gerbera is part of my birthday bouquet. I've had a wonderful day all thanks to John, and the day finished rather well as I discovered that my little hanging Of Immortality won 3rd prize in the Small Wallhangings category at the Harrogate Quilt Show, taking place this weekend. Pictures will follow once the quilt is back home again.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Give me Flowers

After visiting Portmore yesterday I spend the early morning wandering around our own garden and there is still plenty of colour and flowers to admire there. The weather is helping as today too had occasional sunshine as well as a few showers but it was warmer than yesterday.  
 The dahlias are going strong, specially this exotic looking model.
And I discovered to  my delight that many of the hollyhocks we grew from seed last years are doubles with the most delicious pink colour.
 They look luscious and frilly.
Then I made my way to the museum and dicovered that there is an article about me and the exhibition in the Southern Reporter today. Great to see and hopefully it will bring even more people to the show where I'm pleased to say 6 journal quilts have been sold thus far, among them the one pictured above by my face called Burano.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Such a Perfect Day

Sometimes I do so much living in one day that it feels like it has lasted a lifetime. And today was like that. It started beautifully with sun high in the sky and breakfast in the courtyard. Then we went to Portmore garden again. Yes, it's true, I can't get enough of this beautiful earthly paradise. It was our 3rd visit this year (see pictures from our previous ones here and here) but I still managed to take almost 80 photographs. There is something purely magical about this place that has stolen my heart. I don't think many gardens come as close to perfection as this one. I am leaving you to enjoy the pictures in peace and quiet.

This stag and his female companions (not pictured) is a very recent addition to the garden having arrived in the past few days

I took endless pictures of reflections today!

We spend the morning in the garden, and then reluctantly I managed to tear myself away (already looking forward to the garden opening again next year!) and John dropped me off at the 52 Journals Exhibition for the afternoon.
Lots of people came and among them the purchaser of one of the quilts featured at bottom right and my good friend Geraldine. Here we both are!

And just before 4 pm when the museum closes the day got even better when the Peebles twinning committee with Hendaye in France purchased one of my blue journal quilts as a gift to the French visitors who are leaving today. Life truly doesn't get much better than what today had to offer!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

In the Gallery

I was reminded by a fellow blipper that I had not yet blipped an overview of the gallery where my 52 Journals exhibition is on. I have shown a picture here taken before the preview last Friday but by that time I had already posted a blip so today I went in early this morning to catch the gallery without any visitors as I didn't want to have issues about photographic permission. Above is the view you see when opening the door. You can see the back wall with all the colour themed journal quilts originally made as part of the Contemporary Quilt Group Challenge and incorporated into my 52 Journals project.
This one was taken with my back to that coloured wall and looking towards where the disabled lift arrives at the far back and with a view of the desk where you will sometimes find me and if not me, a member of staff from the Museum Services. By the way if you need to use the Disabled Access the lift starts from the Tourist Information Centre in the High Street, next door to the entrance arch to the Museum.
This is one of the side walls where you can see the Going Around in Circles Journal Quilt (in the window) and where the exhibition starts on the left.
And above the other side wall with in the window some lovely gladioli donated by a member of staff from his allotment. They are looking fabulous and I must ask him for his secret on how to get them to flower at this time of year. Mine are always late!

After opening today we had a steady stream of visitors, many of whom I knew. Thanks so much for coming! There was also interest in buying so hopefully that will come about.

Here is all the info about the exhibition:

52 Journals
A series of weekly journal quilts
Frieda Oxenham
23rd August – 4th October 2014
Museum Room
Tweeddale Museum and Gallery
Chambers Institution
High Street
EH45 8AG
Open Mon-Fri 10.30 – 12.30 and 1 – 4 Saturdays 9.30 – 12.30
And during the Peebles Arts Festival:
On Sat 23rd and 30rd August also 1 – 4pm
And on Sunday 24th and 31st August 1 – 4 pm
Full Disabled Access

Free Entry


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