Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Art Card 17

Time for another art card. Something colourful is needed to brighten up this dark and dismal day! It's warming up outside and that has produced some slushy, horribly muddy and wet mess. It's one of those very few days when the dog walk did not beckon. Flora had to be carried over some of the wettest parts as the water would have reached over her head. On the plus side no more deer parts were discovered!
The background of this card was done with the gelli plate and Stencilgirl Products stencils. I added rubberstamping with a stamp from Everything Art and collaged on the Buddhy and the vintage text. This card came together very easily as I so loved the background that not much else was needed.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Art Cards 7 - 16

Behind the scenes I am working away on my #365somethings2018 art card (sized 3 x 3") project. You can find each individual one on my Instagram feed. But I also wanted to share them here so you are getting them in batches whenever I can fit them into a blog post. The idea is to work on the cards every day but not to necessarily finish one every day. Sometimes I work on backgrounds, then on another day rubberstamping is added, then stencilling, collage, ink dripping or whatever else I can think off, till one of the cards looks like it is almost done. Then I concentrate on finishing that particular one. Eventually I still hope to have 365 finished cards at the end of the year. Above No. 7 - 15.
And this is no. 16, the most recently finished one. As you can see it has gelli plate printing, rubber tamping, collage with vintage text as well as washi tape. The face became the last addition to serve as a focal point. It was outlined with water soluble oil pastels.

Sunday, 21 January 2018


The prompt on Joggles Art Journal Adventures was to use the number 7 and as an optional extra to add a border. At first I didn't feel like adding a border as the journal I'm working in is only small (A5 size) but I wasn't all that happy with my spread once it was done (hey, it happens!) and thought a border might help, and it did. It looks a lot better surrounded by that black.
 I started with the background that was done with acrylic paint and the L564 Impressionist Brush Texture stencil by Stencilgirl Products.  To this I added some stamping with a Dylusions stamp as well as with an art foamie called Ring Hopscotch designed by Balzer Designs.
I glued on the number 7 (from a piece of wrapping paper) onto previously painted deli paper and then added it to the pages as shown. Part of a quotation were done on a Dymo writer and self-adhesive transparant tape. It reads: "7 colours make a rainbow, 7 chords make a music, 7 days make a week". Also added was: "7 continents make a world", but that has now vanished into the border.
To make the border I used the Dylusions Journal Block (by Ranger)and a permanent black marker. I'm still not over the moon with the pages but this was a week where snow shovelling and dog walking in snowy conditions took up most of my time  and other art stuff sort of fell by the roadside.

The snow has now iced up and it's very slippery under foot. We managed a walk in the forest without finding a deer's hoof (unlike the previous 3 days!), but that might be because we kept Flora on a very long (15feet) lead. Hopefully when the snow has vanished we will be able to conduct a full search and clear up any deer remains that haven't been taken by foxes or other dogs. However more snow is expected by midday so all bets are off!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Winter Sunshine

No excuses for more snow pictures as we had more snow (a couple of inches) overnight and the sun appeared too, after the low hanging fog lifted. It made for the prettiest of landscapes. Above a picture of the old railway line.
We made it to the crossroads in the forest but it was hard going. Our intrepid hunter gatherer Flora managed to locate a third deer hoof, much to my distress. We tried our best to locate the 4th one but so far without luck. It's very hard going in among the trees and with more than a foot of snow on the ground.
 You would think butter wouldn't melt but you would be wrong!

by the fire pond

coming out of the forest into the light

This afternoon we wrestled ourselves out of the lane and enjoyed a wonderful walk on Penicuik Estate (see above picture, as well as below)


Friday, 19 January 2018

The snow keep on coming

Yesterday we managed to make it to Penicuik Estate for the afternoon dog walk. Not sure if we'll achieve it today. Two more inches of snow fell overnight and there are bursts of snow falls regularly at the moment including several during the morning dog walk where we did manage to get to the viewpoint at the top of Deepsyke Forest, although it was hard going for both us and little Flora. She is a real trooper though and hops and skips over the snow.

The snow pictures are much the same over the last few days but I remain enchanted by all the whiteness despite all the logistical problems it brings with it as well as the hard work of shovelling it all from our driveway.
When not shovelling there is also plenty time to work on my artcards for the 365somethings2018 project. You can find them all on my Instagram feed.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sun and snow


The walk proceeded peacefully till we were on our way back when Flora suddenly disappeared into the trees and didn't come back. We waited for a while but she didn't return so we dived into the trees ourselves to look for her. And there the little madam was, chewing on what we discovered was a deer's foot (I didn't have a close look! But so my expert assured me). 

In the end I went into the forest a bit further away and stalked her from that direction, and managed to grab her by her coat and we finally persuaded her to give it up. Then the question arose; what to do with it. The fire pond came to mind but of course it was frozen. So it had to be carried back home (not by me!) and dumped into the garbage bin. I was less severe with her than I should have been because I was so relieved to find her. 
The afternoon walk took us to a snowy Penicuik Estate (see pics below)




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