Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The last few days


The last few days of the 52 Journals Exhibition are upon us and it has been satisfyingly busy today. Hopefully it will keep going like that right till the final day on Saturday. This is the door you come through to enter the gallery.

And this is another view of the show, complete with visitor book. It's filling up rapidly wirh lovely and much appreciated comments and it will be great to look back at once I have retreated to my studio and am back making art in the months and years to come.

On the way home from Peebles I took the single track Shiplaw road. The sun was shining and I enjoyed seeing that beautiful rolling countryside of our Scottish Borders.


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A beautiful autumn day


Seeing your home through the eyes of someone else makes you appreciate it more. That was the case this morning when I found a link to Lenna's latest journal page in my inbox. It shows a picture she took in our little lane just outside the house.

She inspired me this morning to take my own pictures as it was such a glorious autumn morning. You can see the results above.

The dog walk too was a pure pleasure in the sunshine. I spend the rest of the day at my exhibition where we had a steady stream of visitors and I also enjoyed meeting up again with a fellow blipper! I will be there again tomorrow so drop in if you can!


Monday, 29 September 2014

I Will Create

It was a busy old time this weekend but somehow I managed to complete my page for the Documented Life Project where our challenge for week 40 was to paint or colour with three colours you never use. Those three colours in my case don't exist. I use each and every colour and love them all. I do however like to use them mostly full strength and one thing I do hardly ever do is use them in more subdued ways. So that is what I tried to do on this page. Once again I grabbed my gelli plate to make the background as it's quick and easy and also lots of fun. Check out this post on Lenna's blog to see how we worked away together in my shed when she was here.
For this page I used a mix of brown, burnt sienna, some green/gold and oker yellow and a selection of stencils from StencilGirl designed by Carolyn Dube. I love using words and so does she. When I had finished painting and stencilling my paper I cut out a bit that was meaningful to me reading Now I Will Create. I feel the pull of wanting to make something all the time now as hardly anything significant has come out of my hands since the 52 Journals exhibition began and I'm beginning to feel a strong urge! It's hard to explain to other people but my art is what gives my life meaning, it's what I feel I was born to do. And when I don't make art I feel somehow incomplete.
The little images I used on the page were printed by Printagram from my Instagram pictures. 
Other things in life are equally important and one of those things is the daily dog walks as well as the garden and we are having an amazing autumn here in the Borders at the moment with warm, sunny days. I'm making the most of it by taking many pictures during those walks and this morning was a real treat. The cotoneaster berries have never been quite so fruitful.
Nor the view from our gate so lovely. The low light gives a beautiful tone to all it touches. 

 When the dogs and I first set out the landscape was still wrapped in low clouds.
But on our return journey the sun had won the battle.

One more week to go as far as the 52 Journals exhibition is concerned so if you were planning a visit this is the time! 

In other news we have now had so many telephone engineers out here trying to sort out our line that I have lost count. Despite all the work however, incoming calls still knock off the broadband but at least it now comes back quite quickly. I suppose that's progress of sorts! I'm just very grateful we don't have to rely on that connection alone and have our satellite broadband to take the strain. I'm also very pleased I haven't been home for most of all those BT activities! I'm frequently complimented on my patience in making my art but I must admit that my patience doesn't stress to dealing with such annoying issues. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Scottish Quilt Championships 2014

As promised I can now reveal what put a spring in my step these last few days. I was told on Thursday that my quilt Born Free had won the Small Wallhangings section at the Scottish Quilt Championships. You can see the piece above with its bright yellow rozette. It's not the best picture as the lighting in the hall in Ingliston isn't great and the quilt was also hanging up quite high.  I promise I will return to tell you all about this quilt one of these days (probably after the 52 Journals exhibition has closed and I have more time). For now I'll just say that I made it as part of the Thistle Quilters Group Chinese Whispers challenge and it was first seen in public at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show earlier this year.
Here is a detail showing the words that gave this piece it's title. 
And then to my delight my other entry called Klimtesque also received two awards, one for winning second place in the Theme section of the show, the theme being Quilted Jewels, and the other one is the Embellishment award. I've won this award various times before in previous years at this show so it was a treat to get it once again. You can read more about Klimtesque here.

I will be back at the 52 Journals exhibition tomorrow at the start of the final week! Hard to believe that it will all be over by the end of next Saturday. Hope to see you there if you haven't been yet!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blipmeet at the Exhibition

I had some more blippers visiting the 52 Journals exhibition today and you can see Mr. and Mrs. Harebrain above. Needless to say that's their blip user name and it's Mrs. Harebrain that I first met on the Blipfoto site. My fellow blippers have been such a wonderful support to me during the show, which now has only one more week to run. It's one of the miracles of the blip community that we all feel like we are members of one large blipping family and I love meeting more and more blipping photographers in person. You can see the photo Harebrain took of me here.

The exhibition has also given me the opportunity to meet in person with friends I previously only knew online and of course the very best thing was that Lenna who I have known for about 10 years was over last week. She bought one of the pieces in the show called Shelter and you can see it hanging in her house here.

For those of you not in the know Blipfoto is an Edinburgh based site for photographers where the only rule is that you can upload one photo against the day it was taken. I have been a member for almost 4 years now and haven't missed a day yet but you don't have to blip every day.

It seems amazing that the exhibition will be over in one week's time. On the one hand the time has flown by and on the other it feels like I have been sitting in the gallery surrounded by my art since forever. I will be dedicating next week more or less full time to being there in person, but if you want to make sure I'm there send me an e-mail or alternatively phone the museum on the day of your visit on 01721-724820/

Tomorrow I will be at the Scottish Quilt Championships in Ingliston and I will reveal the good news I received regarding my two quilts in this show then!

Friday, 26 September 2014

From the window


From the gallery we have a lovely view into the courtyard of the Chambers Institute, where today we could even admire a wedding party. Again the gallery was lovely and busy with both visitors I knew and ones I didn't. I was already floating on air for reasons that will become clear on Sunday (or you might have discovered already on my Facebook page) and the day passed in a pleasant haze of excitement.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Banner Headlines


I always approach the museum where the 52 Journals are on show from the same direction from one of the car parks in Peebles which might explain why I had never noticed the big banner hanging to the right of the entrance! As it was market day I parked elsewhere and was stopped in my tracks by this sight. It was another busy day in the exhibition and hurrah, another piece was sold!



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