Sunday, 19 April 2015

Too Much on My Plate

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and that meant that I did my page for The Documented Life Project 2015 sitting outside. I could keep on going too as things dried very quickly. We are continuing with our April theme of Exploring Inks and Paints. The Art Challenge for this coming week was: Gelli Plate, and the Journal Prompt: A Lot on my Plate. Sometimes the prompts are so apt that it's quite unnerving! I am indeed rather snowed under although I have managed to get quite a bit of my To Do list crossed off this morning.
I needed no encouragement to get my gelli plates out and for this page I used the only very recently arrived 4 and 6" round plates. I grabbed some acrylic craft paints in my favourite colours as well as 3 small stencils (all from the Stencilgirl Club) to make the background. Then I grabbed my, also recently arrived, Liquitex Spray Ink (in black and rapidly becoming a favourite) and another stencil from Stencilgirl (Dia de los Muertos Mask) and over sprayed the background with the skull image. This might be what we turn into if we have too much on our plates and too much stress.  Only joking!
 I then used black and white markers and water soluble oil pastels to colour and outline some areas. 
All good fun and for a skull this one is looking remarkably cheerful!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Star Quality

This is just a teaser showing a teensy little detail of a quilt I'm working on. All will be revealed in due course although that won't be for some time yet. The background fabrics were all painted using the gelli plate.
More beading is on the agenda for today.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The First Butterfly

I spotted the first butterfly of the season today. Sadly she proved elusive for photography purposes but I have captured the moment in art and you will see that one of these days.
The daffodils are easier to capture and they posed for me in all that glory. It was a beautifully sunny day (the forecast got it completely wrong, hurray!) and although we did have overnight frost the temperatures soon warmed up.
 Dogs, art supplies and I all moved onto the terrace. Such a treat.
The daffodils are at their very best. After bowing down in the overnight freezing temperatures they righted themselves very quickly and then put on their frilliest show.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fritillaria Imperialis Lutea

Otherwise known as a yellow crown imperial, and a plant that proved to be irresistible when we spotted it for sale in Dawyck Botanical Gardens. We already have the more common orange variety and that one too is full of buds although not quite so far as these ones. No doubt I will be sharing the flowers here too in due course.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Bit Bedraggled

It's hard to imagine that only last week we were able to sit in the sunshine outside. One week on and today it's wet, windy and cold. And thus a good studio day! But despite the weather things are happening outside. This blue hyacinth has popped up in the garden, probably planted in it's little corner after arriving here in a spring basket of bulbs last year. It smells wonderful.

And the mahonia has started to flower too, providing a welcome flash of yellow in among the wetness.

I had a lovely day yesterday visiting the Needle and Thread exhibition on at the moment in the Museum Room  (the same room as my 52 Journals exhibition last August/September) in the Tweeddale Museum and Gallery in Peebles with a friend. Lots to see and enjoy and I recommend a visit. The exhibition is still on till May 9.

Then we went shopping which proved to be so much more fun together than it would have been by oneself! Lunch and tea were also included. All in all a hugely enjoyable day, and getting out of the studio is always invigorating.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Cry me a River

The Documented Life Project 2015 theme's for April remains: exploring inks and paints. And the Art Challenge this week is: Acrylics while the journaling prompt tells us to: Cry me a River. Acrylics are my favourite art medium so that wasn't hard to do. I thought about the journalling prompt long and hard and overnight from Saturday to Sunday I contemplated how to picture it. That's when the idea came of making the entire page a river and then isolate tear drops from it. Tears fall from eyes so adding an eye seemed logically (and I also love eyes in art!).
The entire page was painting with short brush strokes and using a wide variety of water coloured acrylics. Then I grabbed, entirely at random, a old book page, drew an eye on it, cut it out and glued it onto the page. I was so pleased when I discovered the words "impressions of the outer world" just above the pupil. Sometimes the universe hands out such gifts and all you can do is be grateful.
 I then made 3 different sized tear drop masks (by folding paper, drawing one side of the shape and cutting it out) and filled the rest of the page drawing around those tear drops using a permanent black marker.
The next step was to paint around the tear drops with azure coloured Silks semi-gloss acrylic glaze. It worked better than I could have imagined. As it is only semi opaque you can still see the previous acrylic paint marks through it. I outlined the tears with with markers and iridescent white oil pastel. Finally I wrote the title with a white marker at top right.


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