Wednesday, 12 December 2012

One Street

 There is a project going on at Blipfoto which encourages blippers to photograph a street in depth, called One Street. I wasn't going to participate as our street is hardly a street, has no name, very few houses and nothing much happens. In fact the majority of its inhabitants are sheep and cows. But things do happen even in this little one track lane. This morning we were caught up for quite some time behind the farmer moving his Highland cattle nearer to the farm. Quite a task with such huge and cumbersome animals and just him and his dog in charge. Some cows definitely needed a bit of encouragement to keep going.

I took this picture through the windscreen of the car (not moving at the time!) as there was no way I was going to get out just in case the herd would take it in it's head to turn around en masse.
When we got to the crossroads at the end of our little lane, farmer, dog and cows went left while I turned right but couldn't help another stop to quickly take a last picture of the cows who hadn't quite decided which way they were going!


Leslie said...

These are great pictures. Those cattle are so rustic looking, much more primitive (to my suburban USA eye) than more common cattle breeds. I've seen one or two over the years, but never a herd. Very cool!

Jewels said...

This is perfect Frieda - what a great entry into One Street! J

Linda said...

fabulous shots Frieda!

Linda said...

I somehow missed these photos. Glad I was taking extra time to look this evening. Actually looking at the quilt again, above the photos of the cows. Cows certainly didn't seem to be in a hurry. Great photos!


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