Saturday, 19 May 2007

Last day at the Loch Lomond Show

and a very busy day it was too. I was teaching my ATC class and we had lots of fun. Here are all the cards made on the day and we had a swap at the end! The card at the top right is the one I made for the class swap! Then I went back to the Log Cabin exhibit and collected 2 quilts for Monique Gilbert, a Belgian quilter and then rushed to the West Kirk to collect all my quilts. I sold a fortune worth in postcards, so must order more as well as working on my new brochure next week! Then drove back home in both sunshine and showers.

For once there was no traffic behind me so I stopped to take a picture of the glorious hedge I mentioned on an earlier post but the hawthorn blossom had all disappeared due to the wind and rain. So this will have to wait till next year when the quiltshow is on again and hopefully the blossom will be just as good too. You can find out all the news about the show on their website: This is regularly updated to keep you in touch with what will happen next year. But more about that in due course. I think I need some urgent sleep now!!
There were some stunning rainbows too, driving back, as it was both sunny and wet but had to keep my eyes on the road, specially as on the way to Stirling going home I encountered 3 police cars, 2 fire engines and 1 ambulance all with flashing lights and sirens, so something very bad must have happened somewhere behind me. It reminded me once again how fragile the thread is with which we hang on to our life and I really need to make the absolute most of every single second. I think today I definitely did that!!

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