Sunday, 24 June 2007

Another away day

Although you should apparently space out your artist away days, what is one to do when 2 opportunities beckon. I just decided to go with it and after yesterday spend today driving to Helen Cowans open studio day down in Northumberland.

That meant I actually left one country (Scotland) to enter another (England). Helen lives in a beautiful part of the country and in a lovely house which has a genuine old signal box in the garden, as well as her recently build studio. I really enjoyed catching up with her (so can you on her blog). She also sells the most tempting goodies on her website and I had my eye on the sari yarn and obtained 2 lovely hanks. All the hanks are slightly different so I was fun to get two. I also enjoyed seeing slides of her Journal Quilts 2006 which are still travelling around the US as are mine.

Driving there and back furnished me with gorgeous views but also with rain, a lot of rain, really more like a flooding than rain which severely hampered my usual driving style but the landscape looked really moody and wild which made up for it!

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