Thursday, 5 July 2007

Blue Poppies

No new art just yet, as I'm still working on a large quilt (now beading) and some art for my Circle Swap but nothing is ready to show. Instead I'm treating you to a picture of my lonesome blue poppy. We bought this about 5 years ago but it does not show itself every year. Instead it disappears for a couple of years and just when I'm getting worried it might have disappeared altogether, it suddenly pops up again. I bought this in the Dawyck Botanical Gardens, a subdivision of the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and only 1/2 hour down the road. Of course what I really wanted to achieve was a field of blue poppies as can be seen in the Gardens but this is what I've got and it looks stunning just by itself. If only it would stop raining it would look even better!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. Also looked at your incredible art.I can see why you win awards. Sadly I don't have the talent for quilting arts,but do admire those who do.


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