Wednesday, 18 July 2007

More pages for the Circle Swap

I've spend part of today working on the last 5 pages for the Circle Swap organized by Lenna. Read more about it here. I'll gradually show you the other pages I've made already but following on from yesterday's post I finished the red pages today. They use the same background fabric/paper collage as the Oriental 4 x 4.

This makes the total for my Circle Pages 20, the maximum amount, and it means I will receive 20 pages back to make an album out of, when the swap is finished which is not till September. Until that time I can feast my eyes on all the art which will be coming in for this swap on the blogspot Lenna has devised for her swaps: Creative Swaps


Helen Cowans said...

Hi These small pieces are all so gorgeous. Must make a good break from the large intense quilts. Helen

Laura Krasinski said...

These are incredible as usual... Frieda....


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