Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I can't believe it's a no sew!!

My very first piece of art which absolutely includes no sewing, no thread, no buttons, in short nothing remotely sewing related. I made this collage on a bought 8 x 8 canvas and then started to pley with my Golden Acrylics paints and mixes. I added Alphastamps star stamp, vintage text and images into the mix till I came up with something I liked and then added the Alphastamps images, all from the Snow collage sheet. I added some more paint to make the pictures melt into the background. All this in my capacity as member of the Alphastamps Design Team. It was a challenge but that was what the Design Team was meant to be all about.

I'm not mad about the typical Christmas colour combination of green and red so instead I played with reddish and gold on this one and it ended up looking like an antique Victorian painting. I finished off by added gold to the edges so it would form a frame around the collage. I did enjoy playing with my paints, my gel and polymer media but I miss the stitched line in this piece. Nevertheless I do actually like it which is something!

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