Saturday, 1 December 2007

Itty Bittys for Artchix

Sometimes this mixed media lark is very much like speaking a foreign language. Itty Bittys haven't figured on this blog so far as it's quite a new thing. I have no idea who originally coined the phrase, but it's a piece of art 3 x 3" square and I've entered my first swap of them. This one is organized by Artchix and needless to say requires us to use Artchix products, to be more specifix, a piece of their faux postage. They do a lovely collection of these and I joyfully set to work making my 6 Itty Bittys. However, I found it very difficult to integrate the postage with my fabric/paper collage and eventually decided the problem lay with their white surrounds. The white simply stood out to much, and screamed: look at me, which was precisely the opposite of what I wanted to achieve. As soon as I cut off the white, things came together like I had envisioned.

Here are the 6:

Between the Cradle and the Grave.

The postage is from the Royal Faux Postage Sheet and I've also applied a purple face pebble from Artchix as well as a mainly purple transparency. The cradle itself is part of my original fabric/paper collage and was a vintage image.
Ripe Fruit on the Table

The original fabric/paper collage was made for my September Journal Quilt and I added the tulip Faux Postage and the Artchix butterfly transparency. The transparent text is also from an Artchix sheet.


A left over from another fabric collage and again I added a flower from the Peace and Tranquility Faux Postage, this time a yellow poppy and a transparent face and text, all Artchix. This one has a lot of sparkle, which is hard to see on the scan but quite satisfying (to me!) in real life.
He Sought for her Heart

The last remnant of the pink/lime green collage I made while teaching at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show. Can you see that spear aiming at the heart ( well sort off, allowing for artistic licence!). I've added Faux Postage from the Love Post sheet as well as a lovely lime green flower. The transparent text is again from Artchix. I'm continually amazed how I manage to find text so suited to my finished pieces. It just leaps up from the pages I'm scanning. Serendipity at its best!

A Song of Glory

This collage was originally for my November Journal Quilt and I love the colours. The bird from the Peace and Tranquility Faux Postage and the nest and text are Artchix too.

La Reunion
Finally my favourite of the 6. The fabric/paper collage is a leftover from the spread I did for Abby Lazar's ArtisticJourneyinColor RR album, which had the theme The Blues. I added the beret suited woman which seemed to go so well with the man leaning against a wall seeing as they both looked like rebels to me. I added the transparent clock and the word La Reunion jumped off the sheet at me, asking to be added.

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katelnorth said...

Lovely, Freida. I'm so tempted by these, but I really need another size thing to make...not.


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