Saturday, 12 January 2008

B is for Beauty

We've had a few more days of very "interesting" weather: rain, then snow, howling winds, very cold frosts. And needless to say an intermittent electricity supply. Usually just when I've reset the video, my alarm clock, the electricity breakers on my computer and sewing machines, bang, the electricity goes again and it's time to do it all over again.

It was very beautiful outside today however, with a very severe frost but also a turquoise sky which looks so blue you felt you could drown in it.

And beauty was also the theme of the second page for my Alphabetica Journal with the theme of Art and Creativity as B is for Beauty!

I made my fabric/paper collage incorporating the naked beauty and other things such as flowers which I think are beautiful. I layered these just as I did for the A is for Art page with white felt and a golden fabric (from Cabbage Patch fabrics). This time I used zigzag stitching with gold thread to do this.

I added the glittery B letter at the bottom right and a transparent letter B at top left. I stitched on a beautiful transparency from Alphastamps Emotions. She had flowers in her hair which went so well with the collage. I also added a Gauguin stamp of a Beauty. I stamped the word beauty 3 times on the collage and crowned the whole lot with a lovely fabric flower which toned in with the collage in colour.

Finally I beaded around the zigzag stitching with golden size 11 seed beads.


Barbara said...

wow..I have no words telling you my admiration!

spiralsun65 said...

What a great idea; both pages are stunning. I love the layered painterly look.

Debby said...

Frieda this piece is stunning. I adore it.


Mandy C said...

wow fantastic Frieda!


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