Saturday, 2 February 2008

Alphabetica pages for Heather

I've finally gotten to grips with these pages. Heather selected as her theme the universe and after a lot of deliberations and buying of suitable fabrics I finally settled on these 2 pages as my contribution to her Alphabetica album. This month we are working on the C and the D .
C is for Children of the Sun. I picked up a strange book somewhere sometime, which is called The Book of the Heavens, written by Mary Proctor and published in 1924, in the series: The Romance of Knowledge. This title was probably what attracted me to it. It's absolutely amazing to see just how little was known about our universe in 1924 and how many planets were still unknown and how many facts wrong in this book. And 1924 is not really that long ago. Anyway, one of the chapters is called Children of the Sun. I selected one of my fabrics bought specially (from Equilter, of course!), which is gorgeous. I printed the start of the chapter on fabric and stitched it on. I used the Corner Frame stamp from Alphastamps, which I stamped onto a transparency using blue Staz-On. They are the children (really cherubs) in question. The finishing touches were the sparkling C and a sun charm.
For the D I again had a good look at the book and came up with a demon star, what else!! I selected a starry fabric and added a print-out (0n fabric) explaining the demon star from the book mentioned above as well as a detail from a booklet called Ephemeris of the Planets' Places. I also pirnted out the exact position of this demon star from the other book. To put emphasis on the demon element I added a transparency from Bmuse and a devil from a fabric basesd on the Mexican Lotteria. Very different from previous round robin pages but I hope Heather will like them for her Universe!


Trudi said...

Frieda - Thank you for taking the time to explain the lengthy processes you went through to achieve ths beautiful work for Heather. Your talents shine through! Isn't it intriguing how much research is some times involved in creating?

carylsrealm said...

Beautiful pages!


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