Saturday, 16 February 2008

Blue Waves Quilt stolen 2 years ago

Exactly 2 years ago today I heard about the theft of my quilt Blue Waves. Although I don't expect to see it again, I'm determined to keep its memory alive by commemorating this fact every year on this blog. It was actually stolen a few days earlier in Northern Italy near Turin. but the circumstances surrounding this sad event are far from clear, even at the time. I hope that by keeping up the publicity about it, even on this small scale, will mean that should it turn up sometime, somewhere (such as Ebay or other auction sites, or at a quilt exhibition some place), someone will recognize it and hopefully contact me.

If you would like to read the entire story about the theft, you can check it on on my website in the Blue Waves album. Any information will be most gratefully received!

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Ruth Welter said...

Hi Frieda, thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for my give away. It is very nice to meet you. You are so talented, I really love your quilts, they are gorgeous. I was reading all about your stolen quilt, that is so sad. What a gorgeous piece...all you work is.


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