Monday, 11 February 2008

Gothic Arch for Mandy

One of my regular inchie swappers, Mandy, asked if I would like to swap an arch with her. I'm really quite keen on the arch shape and I love her work, she's a great stamper, so I did not have to think for long!!

I finished it today and the picture is a photograph rather than a scan as the blue rose is very 3D and this means that the scanner throws everything else out of focus.

I started the arch with a fabric/paper collage featuring stamps of birds and nests in the background as well as a lot of green and vintage texts etc. I used the Gothic Arch template from Gothic Arches challenge and cut it to size. I added the advert image which I obtained from a decoupage site on Ebay using Fabric ModPodge both to glue it down and over the top. For good measure I also sewed it down using green metallic thread.

I added another bird image to go with the birdies in the background. It's a piece of German Scrap which my mother gave me. She thinks I just accumulate things, rather than use them so this proves her wrong!

At the bottom is a (Mostly) Metallic Jacquard ribbon from Alphastamps which was stitched down. I found a suitable text: The amorous bird of night, and added beading around the advert, a large bead for the lady's necklace and the blue rose. To finish I added watercolour paper to the back and stitched it all together with a green metallic satin stitch. This will be on its' way to Mandy soon!


Jacqueline's Craft Nest said...

What an impressive piece of creative artwork - it is absolutely beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous arch! What a beautiful colours

Angelina said...

Beautiful Arch!

cmoh said...

OH Wow!! I love the colors and it feels so romantic and tropical which to me gives it a mysterious feel...I love it...great job!

~*~ Patty said...

Perfectly lovely arch Frieda! So many special touches, love the bead at your pretty ladies neck and the peacock is fab!
Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my Alex arch :, it was a leap for me to share that

Nancy Maxwell James said...

wowsers! Frieda this is brilliant! Lovely piece and gorgeous details!

Lisa Renéa said...

Amazing arch, the colors, techniques, all of it, perfection!

Lenna Andrews said...

This is beautiful, Frieda. The bird so compliments the shape of the Arch & the background you made is just perfect for this!
I love it and I am still not a huge fan of the Arch shape. I think you will win me over!!!!!!!

Debby said...

Frieda this arch is so gorgeous. I love the beautiful colors. Lucky MAndy!

Francoise said...

very beautiful arch frieda !!!
love this, particularely the birdy !


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