Saturday, 15 March 2008

LostArtCreations Gothic Arches

I did not think I would have any energy left to post on my blog today as I have been teaching in Glasgow but the gods were really kind to me and made the M8 into a relatively quiet drive rather than the mad route it usually is. So plenty of time left to blog!

Our LostArtCreations Gothic Arches swap has been reduced to 3 so rather than having another 2 more to make, I can show you the 3 that I had already finished, before mailing them off on Monday. The theme for the swap was Gothic. All the images as well as the charms (or artbits)are from LostArtCreations, of course. And if some of my participants of today's class are reading this, they were sewn on with beads but also glued with that tile adhesive so they would not move!
In the background of all the arches are images from Rosslyn Chapel. These were photos I took myself and printed out onto self-adhesive cotton sheets from Crafty Computer Paper. You might remember I mentioned this on my blog but from January this year you can no longer take photos in the Chapel as too many people were falling over while looking up at the sculpture and photographing. So I went on a special visit between Christmas and New Year just to take pictures for future use and this is the first time I've added them to any work. Finally more good news as my Mr. Bunny ATC was published in the new issue (no. 10) of ATCquarterly in their challenge theme which was rabbits. Here is the picture in the magazine. All images used are from Alphastamps.


misspvc said...

Love your "Gothic" arches! just ususal! I love to check out your blog and see your beautious art! I tagged you over on my blog...why don't you run over and come play! huge hugs
Patti V

Debby said...

WOW!!! SUch beautiful work. I love all the arches..Gorgeous!

Colorfuldayz said...

Mr. Bunny is adorable!! Congrats on getting him published.


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