Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Winter is still here

Helas, winter is still with us here in Macbiehill and it's a lot colder outside than last week. But in exchange there is a beautiful turquoise sky, white snow and a few fluffy clouds on the horizon. In the distance you can see some old munitions sheds dating back to the Second World War. Those are days, when I love walking the dogs, when our planet seems a beautiful place to be.

By chance I watched a programme yesterday about the search for other planets, belonging to other suns, which might be able to sustain life as we know it. Could there be another place like this earth of ours somewhere out there?? Are there other beings like us, walking their pets, and enjoying a crisp winter's day? Do they make art?? Quilts?? Will we ever know?
Maybe it's better to simply dream about the possibilities. I know I would rather do that, make my art and live my life than dedicating my existence to this rather pointless search for other worlds as the scientists featured were doing. Would it not be more fruitful to try and make it a better one for all of us who live on it!

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