Sunday, 13 April 2008

Happily Ever After Bag

I've made another item from our gorgeous Alphastamps kit and this time, highly unusual for me, it's a bag. I just suddenly fancied making one (which will be a present for someone) and the new fairytale sheets are just the job.

This is a pretty simple pattern and uses standard bag making techniques which I will touch on only briefly and not in great detail. There are a wealth of bag making books and patterns on the market so choose the one you like best.

For mine I used panels of 9.5 x 13" each (2 for the outside fabric and two for the lining material). Cut these from cotton fabrics and iron an iron-on interfacing to the back of each (I used Vilene). Not only does this give some substance to the bag but it also makes it easier to add applique and stitching to the outside panels.

For the first side (see above) I sewed on a white, prequilted, fabric. I layered this with a wide rose coloured vintage ribbon as well as cream lace, again stitching it all down through all the layers. I added the fabric image (from Alphastamps Happily Ever After sheet, which also provided the title words. Both of these were stitched down. I added a vintage flower as shown which was held down with a vintage button. I added an orangy trim at the bottom which picked up one of the colours from the image. I beaded (with size 11 seed beads) around the outside of the image and the text. Finally I did 3 lazy daisy stitches as shown using a variegated embroidery thread.

For the other side (above) I used a collage I made previously (for the white and sepia ATCs on an earlier post) which I cut to size and sewed onto the panel. I layered this with a folded vintage embroidered handkerchief. On top of this I added another fabric image from Alphastamps Happily Ever After sheet and sewed it down. Four large flower trims were sewn down with vintage buttons and I beaded around the edges of the image and also added little cream flower sequins with a seed bead. At the top a yellow butterfly form the finishing touch. This is from the Wild Saffron Felt Flower Stickers available from Alphastamps. It's self-adhesive but I also added vintage buttons to hold it down.

Once your outside panels are finished, put them right sides together and stitch around the sides and bottom only. Do the same with the lining panels but leave around 4 inches open around one side (you will use this for turning). Clip the corners. Turn the outside panels right side out but leave the lining panels with the wrong side on the outside. Slip the outside inside the lining (so that right sides are facing) and sew all around the top edge. Turn the bag to the right side through the opening in the side of the lining and slip stitch the opening shut.
I sewed on a vintage lace around the top edge by machine and then added the strips (in green) for the closure straps by hand. Cut a piece of fabric which is approx. 2" wide and the width of your bag less 1/2". Fold in about 1/4 inchie on each side. Iron both long sides to the middle, iron and apply to your bag by slipstitching. Make one for both sides of your bag.

Make your 2 cords by holding a variety of yarn and zig-zagging over them by machine. Keep adding more till you're happy with the cords. I made mine about 24" long. Feed them through the closure straps in opposite using safety pins to feed them through and when done, make a knot in each end .


Debby said...

Frieda this is lovely. Gorgeous colors.

Maureen said...

Love this bag - gorgeous colours - maureen x


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