Friday, 4 April 2008

Inchie ATC Swap and Good News

First of all I just want to take some time to say thank you to all the wonderful readers of this blog who leave me such great comments and feed back. They are always lovely to read but there are days when they really lift my spirits and today was such a day. It makes me tackle my art with renewed vigor and enthousiasm, specially when I also found out that my collage in the International Collage Exhibition and Exchange has been sold. You can see it here!

It's really encouraging and I can't help but wonder where it's new home will be?? I've also bought a collage myself which I will reveal here when it arrives from New Zealand in due course.

Today was a lovely spring day but the forecast for the coming weekend is for more snow!! Doesn't the universe realize it's spring??!! Mind you, I love the fact that our change to summer time means it stays light so much later in the day and when I'm not on this machine (my computer) I can go back to stitching in the evenings. And I need to, if I want to keep up with my list!

I made my Inchies ATCs today for the swap I'm hosting on the ATCsforAll site. Because I'm the host I seem to think I've got eons of time to produce them (i.e. no posting involved) so they tend to be last on that list. I can't claim I thought of this idea myself. It originated with one of my colour inchies swaps participants who always makes me an ATC when sending her inchies. She used some of the finished inchies on her ATC. This gave me the idea for the swap (thanks Anne!!).

My own cards are on a blue velvet background, which I free machine quilted with variegated metallic thread. I added 3 inchies to every ATC by stitching. The inchies are left-overs from my various fabric/paper collages. I then added beads around each inchie and finished off the cards by couching on a fancy yarn around the outside edges. If you remember my Inchie Journal Quilt in Houston you will recognize the technique!

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Debby said...

these are fab, Frieda.
Congrats on your good news. It is a great piece.


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