Sunday, 6 April 2008

Polka Dot Challenge ATC

Time to make the ATC for the next challenge theme set by the ATCquarterly magazine. They always come up with such challenging and fun ideas and this one was no exception. It is Polka Dots.

I had a bit of a think about this one before I actually tackled it. I was lucky in that I have a huge collection of dotty fabrics so that presented no problem and this morning the words "dotty about you" just jumped into my brain in what is called a lightbulb moment!
I searched my ever increasing collection of collage sheets for a image with dots and came up with a gorgeous and fun one from Alphastamps Easter Bonnets fabric sheet and suddenly the whole thing came together.
I used a pink polka dot fabric which I ironed on to Fast2Fuse, and stitched on the cut out image in the left hand corner. I added a green rose (Artchix Studio) to her hat with a seed bead and beaded actual beads (size 15 seed beads) onto her clothes and hat in pink and silver. I added the words I'm dotty about you with my Dymo writer and added size 8 seed beads to the background fabric dots. To further illustrate the words I added an circular image (from Alphastamps Round Pendant collage sheet) and put a pink page pebble on top. I surrounded it with size 15 pink seed beads so that it looks like a thought bubble as you see in cartoons. I finished by ironing the same fabric to the other side of the Fast2Fuse and buttonhole stitching by hand around the edges, using silk variegated thread.


Colorfuldayz said...

This is great ... especially the sentiment!

Rosie said...

Frieda's Fabulous ATCs!! They should definitely publish this one for it's sheer brilliance! You struck the perfect note with this one - I love it!


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