Friday, 16 May 2008

Inspirational Blogs

I've just spend a lovely day working away on various projects such as my May Journal Quilt and work for the Dutch magazine ATCSpecially and in the afternoon the sun suddenly appeared and I took a leisurely stroll through the garden. All of a sudden I discovered that the berberis has begun to flower, seemingly from one day to the next. What a beautiful sight. I just wanted to share these pictures with you!

I also received an e-mail from Rosie that my blog has been listed on the Inspirational Craft Blog site. She had asked me a few days ago and of course I said yes. Another lovely surprise! This is definitely a day with a star, which is what I called my especially happy days!


Debby said...

Congrats Frieda! Right where your blog should be. Love the pink gate also.

Lenna Andrews said...

Congratulations, Frieda! On both the flowers and being noted on Inspirational Blogs! : )) you certainly deserve both!
xo lenna


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