Tuesday, 3 June 2008

K is for Knightly

My partner for this month Alphabetica album pages swap is Sandee, who has chosen as the theme for her album Adjectives. No adjective starting with a K came to mind at first so I sat down with one of my vintage dictionaries and read through the K section and I came up with Knightly, because I knew I already had a background which I made some time ago for another swap. At that stage it was for Camelot and King Arthur but after all, he was in charge of the Round Table, composed of lots of knights. I no longer had enough of the paper/fabric collage itself left to use, but fortunately I had scanned it into my computer so could print it out. I choose to use canvas to print on as it's still fabric but does not fray and is readily available.

I made sure the Knight was there already as part of the collage (see right edge) but added another knightly fabric image, from Alphastamps Jousting fabric collage sheet, which was stitched onto the canvas. In the image the lances stop rather abruptly so I extended them again by stitching.

I cut out the dictionary definition of Knightly and glued it on and antiques it with gold metallic rub-on. The glittery K was also glued on at the bottom right. It needed something more so I added Camelot itself (or at least a castle like it). This is from Alphastamps Medieval Castles Sheet and I used the new sticker form of the sheet. This was the first time I used the new stickers (all Alphastamps sheets can be obtained in this form) and I love the way you can still vaguely see the background through it. Wonderful!! Of course, these sheets are self-adhesive but I also stitched along the bottom bit of the castle image with green zig-zag stitch to integrate it better with the background.
I'm really impressed with how well the collage printed out onto canvas and loved using the sticker sheet, so this page was a real pleasure to put together!

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