Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Artchix Twinchies

Time for some art now after all the nature views. I've made some 2" squares pieces, called twinchies in the trade, for an Artchix swap. It's not due till September but I've now almost caught up with my to-do list so before tackling the quilting on a fairly large quilt I'm trying to make sure these swaps are not getting overlooked.

The only requirement apart from the size was to use images from Artchix Spoil me sheet and I've used both the transparency as well as the actual collage sheet on paper.

For the background I used a paper/fabric collage which features paper napkins on which there are chocolates, teacups and pots and cupcakes. All the images used are naturally from Artchix. The delicious chocolate German scrap trim is also from them.
I wanted the squares to look like little delectable chocolates themselves so they were finished with beading along the sides, using pink and brown size 11 seed beads.


Anonymous said...


Your twinchies are delectable! I hope I get one in my swap basket!
I have been working on 17 of them but will only send in 12 of the best. Mine aren't anything close to yours, yet I am having a blast working with such a small 'canvas'.

Mary Wilkins
Raleigh, NC USA

artbeth67 said...

Beautiful work as always, Frieda! :)

Lenna Andrews said...

These are gorgeous aND delectable, frieda!!! very yummy treats to gaze my eyes upon as I return back to the computer world. I really enjoy reading how you use these smaller projects as a break and a balance between quilting your larger works.

: )) So nice to be visiting your art again.
love, lenna


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