Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Already it is past half July and the weather here in the Scottish Borders is not exactly summery. But nevertheless my favourite time of the year has arrived because this is the time our roses have started to flower. So this post will not have a lot of text, just images I thought might inspire you!
Many of these roses are old, in that although we only planted them when we came here in 1995, most of the types of rose we planted have been about for a very long time, some since the Middle Ages. I love walking around our garden and enjoying the same scent and look that people in those far-off times did too. Yes, I know I'm incurable romantic!
Masquerade (starts off yellow and then turns red/orange)

Masquerade buds

A mix of two ramblers along our fence, one called Rambling Rector (white) and the other one Paul's Himalayan Musk (pinkish)

Not sure of the name of this small rose. We bought it at one of our garden visits. It has a wonderful scent

Sally Holmes


Gardenia (with a heavenly scent!)


craftydiane said...

Such beautiful roses! My mama would have loved them. I remember as a child that we always had lots of rose bushes and I would take bouquets of roses to my teachers. Roses where my mama's favorite flower. I wonder if the Gardenia Rose smells as sweet at the Gardenia flower that we have here in the southern United States. If you check out my blog you will see a picture of one in one of my post.
Have a Blessed Day,

Sarah Whitmire said...

Oh Frieda I wish I had a garden as lovely as yours is. Thank you for letting me rest for a moment in yours today.



Lenna Andrews said...

Thank you so much for sharing your roses, Frieda. They are beautiful. I love the "old fashioned" varieties. Your photos make me feel like I am taking a stroll in your lovely garden; how delightful! What inspiration they must be for you . . . perfect!
Enjoy them as I know you will - I am certainly enjoying them from afar!
: ^ ) lenna


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