Thursday, 28 August 2008

Alice Tea Party Quiltie

Still not finished with the Alice in Wonderland art as the collage sheets from Alphastamps are too tempting for words and I just can't stop thinking of new things to do with them.

This quiltie celebrates Alice's teaparty and you can see her hurrying towards it at the top right, led by the rabbit and at the side and bottom are images from the tea party itself.

The background for this quiltie (size 10" square) was formed by piecing 9 squares of patterned batik fabric together. I used 4" squares for the piecing and afterwards cut the quiltie to size. The pieced squares were layered with wadding (batting in US) and green backing fabric and machine quilted in the ditch. I then added the images as shown. They come from the Alphastamps sheets Alice Herself (for the large one at top right) and Mad Hatter's Tea Party #2. The text Curiouser etc. came from Alphastamps I wonder sheet. All images and text are from fabric sheets and are attached to the quiltie with a small zig-zag stitch, alternating between green and orange thread for the stitching. I then added beads, also alternating the colour and using size 11 seed beads, opaque green and clear orange. I also beaded sections of the background, using the patterns in the fabric as my guide. Hand seed stitching in orange and green was added around the text.

The edges of the quiltie were finished with zig-zag stitching and then with machine couched fancy yarns. In the four corners little green buttons were sewn on with orange thread.


Karen Owen said...

Fabulous work, Frieda! Charming and enchanting, just like the story.

Lenna Andrews said...

Dear Frieda, I really love this!! The colors are so lovely together . . . Lime Green & Blood red Orange? : ^ ) ah ha! I think we may have a new combination for next year's colour exchange? Anyway, besides the colours, I love everything else too . . . your beading, stitching, choice of images, the batik fabrics, the eyelash yarn trim -ooh la la!
Is their a term for the lines of running stitch you employed? Looks fabulous! Thanks for a lovely way to wake up -new art from you!
: ) hugs from lenna

Gunnels blog said...

This quiltie is really wonderful! like the fresh colours and stitching!


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