Wednesday, 6 August 2008

O is for Orange

My partner in our Alphabetica exchange this month is Trudi, who selected Women in Colour as her theme so I was most pleased to have her for the O and P swap (no idea what someone is going to to with Q??!!) as the colours this immediately suggested to me were Orange and Purple.

For my Orange page I used a lovely leaf patterned fabric in shades and tints of orange, which I machine quilted along the lines in the pattern. I added a transparency (from Altered Pages) to go with the quote from Colette: The earth belongs to anyone who stops for a moment, gazes, and goes on his way, which is in vellum. The page was further decorated with German scrap at the top which was also beaded, 3 vintage buttons, self-adhesive butterflies and the letter O in glitter as well as a small self-adhesive O at the top right.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Frieda - They are absolutely stunning. I can hardly wait for them to arrive. Yours went yesterday and I decided to register them to make sure their arrival was trackable. I was told they should be there within 5-7 business days. Thank you for the hours of time you dedicated on them! I feel very very lucky.


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