Saturday, 2 August 2008

Tea and Cake

Last year I participated with other artists to make art for the VintageImageMadness 2008 calendar and this year I'm enjoying looking at the different art each month. I love calendars and this is a particularly lovely one!

I was therefore really honoured when Casie from VintageImageMadness asked me to make another piece of art, this time for the 2009 calendar which will be available later on this year on her site. Don't worry about remembering this, I will keep you updated as soon as it is available for purchase.

I'm getting a bit obsessive about tea, chocolate and cake lately, which is strange as I'm not really a dedicated tea drinker. Too continental still and a coffee addict! However, I do have a genuine weakness for tea related items, such as teacups, teapots, teaspoons and yes, also the delectable goodies which are served with tea, such as bonbons, cakes, and last but not least strawberry jam, clotted cream and scones!!

For this piece I used a fabric/paper collage specially made with this in mind and added a lovely vintage lady as well as an advert for spoons (both VintageImageMadness naturally) which were printed out onto self-adhesive cotton sheet (from Crafty Computer Paper). I added the text with my Dymo writer. I wanted this 4x4 piece to look like a giant chocolate bonbon and therefore added pink and brown size 11 seed beads around the edges. This colour combination has really grapped my attention and makes me think of those wonderful milk chocolates, filled with strawberry flavoured cream. Yummy!!!

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Mandy C said...

absolutely amazing work.


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