Thursday, 18 September 2008

Another prize for Tod und Leben

I can hardly believe it but I have won the prize for Best Hand Workmanship (Innovative Section) again! This is in the World Quilt and Textile Show which opens this weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. I won the same prize last year for Waves of Anger and this year it is the time for Tod und Leben which also won the 3rd Prize in the Advanced section in the European Quilt Championships earlier this year.

I am never entirely satisfied with my own quilts, always thinking I could have done this or that better or different so I'm really delighted that judges don't seem to share these thoughts! It's good to be critical of your own work as this spurs me on to try and do even better on each quilt I make but this is certainly a very much appreciated endorsement of my work.


Helen Cowans said...


BethRDH said...

Congratulations, dear Frieda! This is no surprise to me at all since your quilts are absolutely AMAZING!!! :)

Lenna Andrews said...

Oh Frieda! Congratulations. You are amazing! I love this quilt and thank you for the detail photo. You must be over the moon ;)
xo lenna


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