Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Or not so happy, as the case may be! After all Halloween is not meant to be a happy event and although I'm not mad about Halloween, I do like to have the opportunity to make slightly darker work to suit this occasion. The piece on this post (called Dark Angel) is inspired by the romantic Gothic novels of the 19th Century as well as by all things ghostly!

The piece is 9.3/8" x 10.3/4" in size and here is how I made it.

I create a fabric/paper collage background by putting torn vintage images, and a variety of Halloween themed napkins on calico (muslin), using thinned down PVA glue. Additional colour was added using green and purple Dye-na-Flow paints.
I cut out an 7.1/4" x 8.1/4" piece from this collage, and mounted it on purple craft felt (from Alphastamps), by machine straight stitching around the edges, using purple sewing thread.
I added the lady image (from Alphastamps Parisian Showgirls #2 collage sheet) by gluing it into position on top of a black Dresden scrap wing. I added the fabric cats (cut from a commercial fabric) using Mistyfuse. I added handstitching around the ghostly shape at the bottom as well as around the RIP words at the top. The text comes from a vintage book and was glued on. I stitched around it by machine too and added purple metallic rub-on.
Vintage trim was added at the top and purple satin stich on the 3 remaining sides of the collage. I also added size 11 seed beads by hand to the edges, the wing and the crown as well as to the cats' eyes. The words Dark Angel (the title of the piece) were made using a Dymo writer and machine stitching. The entire piece was then layered on top of heavy watercolour paper and a vintage French trim (from Ebay) was stitched on around all the edges.

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