Friday, 27 February 2009

Another bracelet

Sorry that I've neglected my blog for a few days. I'm giving my first workshop of the year tomorrow and had gotten out of the habit of packing. Could not find my checklist for the class requirements and kept thinking I had forgotten something. I'll probably find the list as soon as I get back home again (doesn't that always happen!!).

Anyway, here is a picture of the other bracelet I made with my Alphastamps goodies. I discovered the copper tassels at the Bead Shop in Haddington and bought them simply because I could not leave them there!! I love them on this bracelet as I do the chunky heart charm (which is from Alphastamps). This is a much less showy bracelet than the last one or in fact most of the bracelets I've made lately and I have the feeling that I will be wearing it a lot more than them. Such fun to play with the tassels and I'm a real fiddler!

Here are the instructions (and they really are very simple):
Copper and Green Paris bracelet

Start by using 2 small round pendants (Nunn Design via Alphastamps), add the small Paris text image to one and the small fleur-de-lis to the other (from Alphastamps Paris mini sheet) and add small size 15 seed beads in metallic blue/green to the edges with Diamond Glaze. Take care not to obscure the Paris word!
Add Inkssentials Sepia Accents (following the manufacturer’s instructions) and let dry.

Cut a length of the thicker copper chain (most of the copper findings are available at Alphastamps here) to the lengh you want your bracelet to be (I used 7”) and attach the fastening and fastening ring on either side using copper jumprings.

Attach 4 small size 4 mm green pearls (green pearls available at Alphastamps) to copper head pins and make a wrapped loop. Do the same for the 4 large size 6 mm pearls.

Starting in the centre link of your chain:

Add a copper tassel (from Beadshop Haddington) in the centre link using a copper jumpring.
String one size 11 seed bead, 1 copper barrel (from Eebeads), 1 size 11 seed bead onto an eyepin, and make a wrapped loop going through the 4th link from the copper tassel of step 1.
Using a jumpring add a large pearl (made as described above) 3 links away from step 2.
Using a 3” length of copper wire make a wrapped loop through the end of one of your round pendants, string on 3 size 11 seed beads and make a wrapped loop 3 links away from step 3.
Add a large pearl as in step 3, again 3 links away from step 4.
Repeat step 2.
Add a small size 4 mm pearl, using a jumpring, 3 links from step 6.
Repeat step 1, 3 links away from step 7.
Repeat step 7.

Make the other side of the bracelet in identical fashion.

Finally add a copper heart charm (Nunn Design via Alphastamps) to the fastening ring, using a copper jumpring.

© Frieda Oxenham 13.2.09


Jude said...

Oh yes, that's a gorgeous bracelet!!
Hope everything goes well and you haven't forgotten anything important....I would have!!

A Beaded Affair said...

Pretty bracelet. I love copper.

Lenna Andrews said...

That is a gorgeous, bracelet, Frieda!!! You are very good at jewelry making, mixed media AND quilt making - wow!
Thanks for sharing all that you do.
Very inspiring!
: ) Lenna

Carla said...

Love your bracelet, Frieda!


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