Saturday, 21 March 2009

Journal Quilts

I've finally managed to find time to go to the library and upload pictures of my 2008 Journal Quilts to my website here. Remember I'm still on dial-up so this would otherwise have taken many hours at home, while at the library (broadband!) it took a matter of minutes. These were done for the Contemporary Group of the British Quilters' Guild and are 12" square. They were all uploaded to this blog in the relevant months last year but you can see them all together here together with the JQ which was juried into the JQ exhibition in Houston, 2008, with the theme The Four Elements. Mine is called Flames of Passion and is still travelling around the US.

And talking of JQs I was astounded yesterday. I was playing around with our new DVD equipment and decided to see if any of my American craft DVDs would play on this one. They did not on our previous model so I was not hopeful. But to my intense delight it worked and I can now watch them on our large screen TV rather than my 15" computer screen. What a difference. I'm going to re-watch them, specially the IndieArts Magazines which look so much better so large.
I then decided to see if it also worked with the Quilting Arts Television Series DVDs and remembered series 300 had arrived and I had not actually looked at that one at all. So late at night I had a quick look and yes, they worked too and then (while watching no. 302) I actually spotted one of my JQs (from June 2004) which is featured in the Creative Quilting book about the JQ project. It was shown about 3 times on the DVD, while on exhibition in Chicago. I've uploaded a picture of it above so that you can recognize it if you should have the DVD or indeed if you see this series on TV (in the US only). Sometimes life gives you such lovely surprises!

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