Thursday, 5 March 2009

Valentine Necklace

Once more there is snow outside although I'm pleased to say that the sun is also shining and at one stage today it was simultaneously snowing and sunny. But I'm so happy to see the top of the daffodils shoots just making it out of the snow and the snowdrops are also struggling valiantly to reach daylight.

I know Valentine's day has come and gone but in all honestly I'm such an incurable romantic that it's time for love and romance every day as far as I'm concerned so no excuses for featuring this necklace which I made with goodies received as an Alphastamps Design Team member and it was actually finished on Valentine's Day!

Here are the instructions:

I used one of my fabric/paper collages featuring roses as background, cut out to the exact heart shape of the pendant. I added a cut out bird with love letter (from Alphastamps Birds & Butterflies mini collage sheet). The word l’amour was added as shown (from a vintage French book).
Add 3D Crystal Lacquer following the manufacturer’s instructions and let dry. When dry, add a jumpring to the pendant and another jumpring to that one, to make the pendant ready for stringing.

For stringing take your pendant as inspiration for your colour scheme. I used a selection of size 11 seed beads in matt and shiny red and green, long oval green beads, green 4mm square beads, green drops, red 4mm triangular beads and large red and green heart shaped beads.

Use approx 5’ of Dymo Nylon or C-lon thread on a size 12 beading needle. To start string on 11 size 11 seed beads in your chosen colour. Slide the beads towards the end of your thread and go through the ring of your fastening. Now go back through the first seed bead you strung and then tie a square knot, leaving a 4” tail, which you can finish off later.

Start to string the first strand in your chosen pattern. When your string is long enough and you reach the end, string on 11 size 11 seed beads, go through the ring on the other side of your fastening and back through the first one of your 11 seed beads strung.

Now you’re ready to string your next strand.

Continue stringing till you’re stringing your fifth strand. Before finishing this, string on your previously made heart pendant and then finish this final strand in the same way as when you started.

Finish off your threads securely.
I like to be able to vary the length of my necklaces and added a length of copper chain to my fastening to enable me to do so.

© Frieda Oxenham 14.2.09


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful necklace. I will have to try your techniques. Thanks for sharing. Marci

Janny said...

Echt prachtig!!

Lenna Andrews said...

gorgeous, simply gorgeous, Frieda!

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVEEEEE this necklace! What a gorgeous color combination! Rebecca


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