Thursday, 14 May 2009

Chocolate and Red ATCs

All the Colour Groupies ATCs have landed safely at their respective destination with Lenna, Tristan, Debby and Caryl, so I can reveal them here too.

We had a very tasty colour combination this month and I decided to get not just the colour of chocolate but the actual detectable stuff itself onto the ATCs.

I started with a brown + red fabric which I bought specially for this swap at our Regional Quilters' Guild Area day in Perth recently. This was ironed onto Fast2Fuse and I then remembered I did have a fabric in my stash featuring roses, hearts,postcards and boxes of chocolate so these images were in my mind when I started to look for a female image to go with it all. Sorry to sound so sexist but in my experience we are simply a lot more into chocolate than our male counterparts.
I found the beautiful images on Alphastamps Caroline Otero fabric sheet and used a different one on every card. The roses/chocolate/postcard images were then added to the mix (both by stitching). Alphastamps also provided the delectable Chocolate text brown ribbon which was added to some of the cards. The same original background fabric was ironed onto the other side of the Fast2Fuse and the edges of the ATCs finished with brown satin stitching and red size 11 seed beads.

Finally I made one for myself in my new Alphabet ATC project as of course C is for Chocolate! She also received some seed beads for her necklace as well as for her earrings (also to be found in some of the other cards)


Maggi a.k.a. Katamommy said...

Just give me one minute to pick my jaw up off the floor ---- Okay, I'm back...

These are so gorgeous...They look good enough to eat!!! *sigh* I am so in love with these...

P.S.-I'm getting my first sewing machine tomorrow, time to tear it up! (and then sew it back together again!) lol

Clucking about said...

Beautiful,l love how they all have the seed beads ...glad you made one for yourself to keep! x

Lenna Andrews said...

Dear Frieda, it is so fun to see all of them but you picked one for me that is spot-on! I love the landscape one you sent to me, thank you. The chocolate & red I made for you has left my mailbox today. And, I have changed my commenting format so it should work for you again. Mind you, I have not blogged a lot lately, but . . . the house is on the market and we are on our way! I will be back to adding art as I can, thanks again for such luscious beauty : ) xo lenna

Debby said...

Another round of beauties. Loved this color combo.


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