Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A Cause for Celebration

Today my quilt Tod und Leben returned from the National Quilt Championships at Sandown with its 2 Rozettes. I had already been told that these were won but I somehow only believe it once I can see them with my own two eyes. The quilt won a Special Merit Rozette as well as the Award for Computer Design and has thus become one of my most successful quilts ever as it had previously received a prize at the European Quilt Championships in May 2008 as well as the prize for Best Handwork Manship at the World Quilt Show, in August 2008.

It was inspired by a small detail on a Klimt painting of the same name (Tod und Leben which means Death and Life in English) and also by a horizontal window in the house of one of my neighbours (an architect). I almost always make vertical quilts but the window opened my eyes to the possibility of a horizontal one. The quilt was designed using the Electric Quilt 6 computer program, that I used to draw both the block and then to design the quilt.

My latest copy of the Where Women Create magazine was waiting for me when I arrived home too (published by Stampington and I get my copy here in the U.K. from Rainbow Silks) and it almost seemed like the introduction written by Jo Packham was meant for me today and I quote:

"Creative women don't often do what is defined as the average or the norm. We are often beyond happy, giddy with an artistic success, or have our hearts broken in frustration and disappointment. To creative spirits, highs are dizzying, blinding and exhilirating and lows can be deep, dark and seemingly insurmountable".

Yes, indeed!! I have learned to live with my lows and also to realize that eventually my mood will turn upwards again and I have even learned that music, my garden, and animals help to turn the corner. I have also come to accept that I have to have the lows in order to obtain the highs. And the highs are definitely worth suffering the lows!
Today really was a high, even the sun was shining and as you can see the foxgloves are now out and form a delightful forest of colour in our courtyard. I sat in the sun and enjoyed my high to the very fullest extend possible. Gorgeous!!


Maggi said...

Wowowowowow CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is wonderful news! Plus to have a day of shopping, creating and seeing that beautiful garden, I'm having the best day just reading about yours! lol Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Frieda! It's a really striking piece of work.

Lenna Andrews said...

"I have also come to accept that I have to have the lows in order to obtain the highs. And the highs are definitely worth suffering the lows!"
Can't help but quote you!
I understand really well how you feel. Congratulations on the return home of your prize winning quilt!!!!! wow. you are amazing!
xo lenna

Debby said...

Congratulations my friend, simply awesome. Your gardens must be just beautiful, you must be thrilled.

Trudi Sissons said...

Congratulations Frieda!
Such a treat to 'visit your garden' and to know you receive the public recognition you deserve. The quilt is stunning. Have you seen Martha Cole's work?
She just paid a visit to our city and I had the pleasure of viewing her work 'in person'. You seem to be working in some of the same media as she.


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