Monday, 15 June 2009

More Generosity ATCs

Just pictures this time of 2 more ATCs which I made for my Generosity ATC project and which will be winging their way to 2 people who left comments on my blog. Remember I will make you an ATC if you leave a comment on my blog as well as mail me your address (see my e-mail button on the right). I'm not saying when I will do so, but I'm keeping a list and whenever I have some time I will make these ATCs and mailing them out. Today I was contemplating a new project and also had to wait to one of my collages to dry so it seemed a good time.

This one is called I see a Lily and features one of my own photographs which you might recognize from a recent blogpost of my Lillies of the Valley as well as a transparency from Divasdeste

And this one uses the same white background (made with a collage of laces) and a photograph of the Bridge of Sighes in Venice, printed on fabric and topped by a flourish transparency (from Altered Pages).
To my great delight I myself also received a Generosity project, from my friend Lenna Andrews, who made me a gorgeous quiltie, using a photo of the pergola in my garden. She will be uploading pictures on her own blog just as soon as I let her know I have received it so keep an eye out for it there in the next few days!


Maggi said...

Those are beautiful! I'm so use to you using a lot of colors that to see these in white is shockingly gorgeous! (Does that phrase make any sense at all?! LOL)

Lenna Andrews said...

Thank you so much, Frieda! Of course, I had to write about what I made you . . . very inspired by you and the gorgeous sharing you do on your own blog!

xoxoxo lenna

Sheilasembroidery said...

I love your blog Frieda and the ATC are beautiful. The Circle quilt/cushion that I made with you several years ago at a QG dayschool is still admired. I had it at Pins and Needles this year when I was manning the EG stand next door to the QG stand and was showing it off yet again. Thank you for your inspiration.

Debby said...

These are gorgeous! Love the colors.

paru's_circle said...

thansk for sending me the generosity act - Venice.. its awesome!! posted about it on my blog!
thanks once agian


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