Saturday, 1 August 2009

Abby and Traquair

It was really wonderful to meet up again with Abby, one of my internet friends from The States. Abby and her lovely husband Michael came over last year and we visited Roslin Chapel then. Today we went and visited the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, Traquair, full of treasures to admire, among them wonderful embroideries, some made by Mary, Queen of Scots. Also fabulous old books, of which you could only see one page. I would have loved to have had a read of the whole book too.

Today there was also the Art in Action event in various marquees on the lawn, which was very enjoyable. But best of all was definitely chatting with Abby. Internet contact is really great but there is nothing like meeting up face to face with your friends!! The house felt quite empty after they left.

1 comment:

Lenna Andrews said...

oh, how I would enjoy the same day with you! I am hoping maybe in 2011 for your special quilt exhibit? -fingers crossed! xo lenna


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