Tuesday, 18 August 2009


It's still raining but in the occasional dry moments I rush outside and am quite surprised by all the plants that manage to keep going despite the weather. As soon as I open the door to our courtyard part of the garden the first thing I notice is the wonderful smell and the next thing the beautiful colour, of the lilies. They suddenly opened up from their fat buds and let their full lusciousness shine. The rain drops just add to the overall effect!


Maggi said...

This is a beautiful shot, the hardiness of plants always amazes me!

Lenna Andrews said...

lilies are just about my favorite flower, if i could have one. When I visit my mom & dad, my mom always has arrangements of lilies in the house and in my room; the smell is so intoxicating! I drink it in. The way you photographed this lily in your garden Frieda, is breathtaking. Off to see mom & dad tomorrow!! xo lenna


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