Thursday, 13 August 2009

A magical visit to London

Who are these ladies having a wonderful time in London town??

No, Abby and I haven't been to London together yet (!) and specially not in these beautiful get-ups, but we might be going there sometime in the future. She coming from the US and me from Scotland. Perhaps we could even dress up for the occasion.

But for the moment we have done so only in the wonderful digital art of Abby who produced this lovely card to keep us motivated. I just love the way she has put us into elegant gowns with fashionable hats. We really look like ladies about town who are about to have lunch!

Thanks again, Abby, for the card and for letting me show it here!


theresa martin said...

You look lovely! What a great card!

Maggi said...

This is the most fun! I love the outfits she picked, I hope you get to meet up in London one day!

Lenna Andrews said...

oh that is just such wonderful fun. I simply love this Ms Abby & Ms Frieda! whoowhoo!

Debby said...

Oh Frieda,

This is so awesome. What a great pic Abby has created. Abby dropped me an email with a pic when she visited you and it made me so happy to see the two of you together.


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