Sunday, 9 August 2009


I've been working feverishly on my latest Alphastamps kit. I can't show you the art yet but just to give you a teaser, we were given gorgeous goodies to do with Halloween and other dark events. I was so in my element that I literally dropped everything else and worked 12 hour days, not noticing much else that was going on. I love scary, gothic, skeleton, Dias de las Muertas stuff and I'm also very pleased with the pieces I came up with, one good enough (in my opinion!) to go into an exhibition at some future date. These goodies will also be available soon on their site, and of course I will keep you informed. Most of it not for the over-sensitive soul though!

This afternoon I finally came up for air and instead of smelling the roses, I smelled my sweetpeas and cut off every flower to make a display in the house. Sweetpeas are the only flowers I do this with as more flowers only come if you keep plucking them. All other flowers I think, look better on their respective plants although I recently discovered a website (Rose Notes) which would have changed my mind if I did not know I could never arrange flowers so well. Each to her art and I'll stick to stitching. That site is to die for, though! Not so much eye candy as an entire cake!
The sweetpeas smell gorgeous and so does our kitchen now. They look so wonderful against the Willow Pattern china, most of which came to us via my mother-in-law. She also loved sweetpeas so this is a great combination all round. As for the fish, we bought that ourselves in the Scottish Highlands some years ago.


Lenna Andrews said...

i love your sweetpeas, Frieda!

Maggi said...

I just adore sweet peas! Thanks for sharing them with us!

I am so excited to see what you've been working on! Isn't it so exciting when you're engrossed in a project? That is the best feeling! I've been out of town and haven't created anything in almost two weeks, I am totally jonesing!!! lol

Sheilasembroidery said...

I love sweet peas as well. I just took a bunch to my friend Sue in Tynemouth.


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