Sunday, 20 September 2009

Journal Quilt 2009 September

Time again for another Journal Quilt, sized 6 x 12", for the Contemporary Group of the Quilters' Guild and yet again featuring the beautiful Edwardian actress Marie Studholme. I still can't get enough of her, and as I have an entire album full of postcards on which she poses in various, gorgeous and occasionally hilarious outfits, that's just as well.

I also used a new product from Crafty Computer Paper called Pabric Adhesive Sticker, which is a polyester fabric which when printed can be removed from the backing and is then self-adhesive. The polyester fabric prints wonderfully clearly, with very defined colours and I really love it, but of course as it's polyester can't be used for everything. On this JQ however it looks fab! And by the way you can also adhere the printed image onto surfaces like wood, glass, plastic etc. (and no, they don't pay me to say so!! If only!)
Anyway as you can see I printed this image very large so that it covers a large part of the background, which is purple velvet which I machine quilted with one of the decorative stitches on my machine. I then found the purple a bit too much in your face so dulled it down by applying gold acrylic paint with a roller.

Vintage lace was added at the top (dyed in coffee) and then the fun really started with the embellishments in the shape of pearl beads, seed beads and one long red bead. I also sewed on red velvet vintage flowers (from Lost Art Creations).

The text comes from the back of one of the vintage postcards, is printed on cotton, and reads: "Don't you think this is a good one of Marie Studholme". More than 100 years later, I certainly think so! The text was sewn on by hand and the edges are finished with transparent ribbon.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh, my - such tiny details! gorgeous!

Maggi said...

I love the vintage lace and the text that was on the back of the card, too cool!

Lenna Andrews said...

another beauty, Frieda! Love the beaded embellishment and transparent ribbon you finish the edges of this series with. : ))


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