Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Kailzie Gardens

Today was the first full day of my mother's visit and as the weather was fairly reasonable we went to Kailzie Gardens.

It was very surprising to see how many things were still in bloom. A lot of the roses were still flowering merrily away (the one above called Gordon's College was my absolute favourite!)probably because the garden is very sheltered in a valley near the river Tweed. The walled garden also has a very large (4M high) wall as well as many gorgeous hedges.

However, it was clear autumn is now upon us and lots of trees have started shedding their leaves and turning colour. Berries are everywhere. Here are just a few pictures taken in the garden. I took many, many more. In fact, for the first time ever I ran out of space on my camera card!


Maggi said...

Oh wow, how beautiful! Enjoy visiting with your mom!

Lenna Andrews said...

beautiful photos, Frieda. So glad you have time together with your mum! Someone came into the store today and when i asked for her zip code, she said she was dutch, and visiting the US! i took it anyway, as the owners like to see where people travel from to visit Stonewall Kitchen. : ) of course i thought of you & your mom.


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