Friday, 2 October 2009

Red, Green and Blue bracelet

It seems like ages since I last blogged so I was really taken aback to find it has only been 3 days. I supppose it seems so much longer because they were 3 very busy days as I was writing an article and going backwards and forewards between my studio and the computer, armed with my camera as step by step photography was required. Everything also had to be checked and double checked and although I did this religiously I know that one or two things always tend to slip through the net as eventually you become totally oblivious to your own mistakes.

Still, I've done the best I can and it is now all ready to be mailed tomorrow and for the time being I can put it out of my head and get back to my studio. I have also suddenly noticed (I was too preoccupied before) that we have entered autumn properly now. Not only is it October but it's cold enough to light our multi-fuel stove! I've hardly been outside either so that is the first item on the agenda tomorrow.

I have managed to finish my items from our Alphastamps kit which is all about Christmas. Really, I can't bring myself to show these to you yet, as I get a bit grumpy about all the Xmas stuff in the shops already but with the kit came a wealth of beads and one of my projects was this bracelet. It's quite close fitting and that means I can wear it when stitching for once as everything dangly tends to get in my way and usually I take off all jewellery while in my studio. This bracelet will be the exception. I love the magnetic leaf closure clasp (from Alphastamps) and also the divider in the middle, as well as all the sparkling beads. All ingredients for this bracelet are from Alphastamps, apart from the silver seed beads and the beading wire + crimps.

As it's very sparkly indeed it proved extremely hard to photograph well but I did my best and for that reason I'm showing you multiple pics!


Maggi said...

This bracelet is gorgeous! I love the divider!

Tally O said...

Hi Frieda! I was tickled to see your name on the Vintage Image Madness email, and I just thought about how you were one of the first people I met online through artchix! I wanted to say hi and what a beautiful blog! How fun to see pics of Scottland, your mom, and more. I'm glad you are doing well! Come visit my blog anytime! I have added you to my favs blog list!

Lenna Andrews said...

dear Frieda, whata wonderful bracelet and i love the multiple pics! it gives me a better idea of what it looks like in person . . . and i liked your story about writing the article very much. i can relate!
hugs sent from lenna across the way


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