Friday, 9 October 2009

Vintage Image Madness calendar

Once again, Casie from Vintage Image Madness did me the honour of asking me to participate in the Vintage Image Madness calendar for next year. This is my 3rd year of working on the calendar and it's a lot of fun. The calendar itself remains an inspiration throughout the year as the art is simply magical.

It suddenly dawned on me that the 1st November (the date my art has to be with Casie) is less than a month away and with a dawning mail strike coming up here in the U.K. it was definitely time to get my skates on. Rather than waiting for my ordered images I decided to choose one that I had downloaded last year and almost used then as I really love it. It's full of romance and also of a beautiful window frame and the longer I looked at it the more it reminded me of Paris. Not sure why but I went with this flow and created a paper-fabric collage using a paper napkin with images of the Eiffel Tower as well as roses. What could be more romantic?
I placed the couple in their frame next to the Tower (I could just see them in my mind, exchanging caresses in their artist garret) and added a lace heart for good measure. A flower was placed in the centre of that and beads were stitched on. More stitching by machine seemed to be needed around the window frame. The text "A summer romance" was also stitched on and the metal embellishment which says "memories" was glued on with Diamond Glaze. The corner gold Dresden scrap formed the finishing touch together with the edge stitching in zig-zag stitch and variegated thread.

This will be winding its way to the States on Monday and I'm so looking forward to seeing what everyone else will be coming up with. You will be able to order this calendar yourself in due course and I will make sure to alert you on this blog as soon as it is available from the Vintage Image Madness site.


Aida Costa said...

Congrats!! Your piece is gorgeous - I love how you framed the picture as if it's through a window. Beautiful :)

barbara burkard said...



icandy... said...

This piece is just beautiful!!!

Susan said...

Beautiful page, Frieda! You've inspired me to get mine finished and in the mail...looking forward to seeing all the "calendar girls" back together again this year!


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