Saturday, 21 November 2009


It really comes to something when you can't even recognize your own work when it appears in a magazine but this is what happened to me today. I received my latest issue (no. 74) from Quiltmania several days ago and had casually looked through it several times already. Only today did I start to read it from the beginning and suddenly I saw something vaguely familiar. Even then I only thought that it looked very much like my inchie quilts and then I realized that it was in fact a detail from my very own quilt Snapshots. This had been exhibited at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham back in August and Quiltmania evidently liked it enough to publish the detail.

I usually know when my work is going to be published but this one was a total surprise and all the nicer for that.

Quiltmania is a French magazine which for years has also been published in a Dutch version which is the one I subscribe to. You can now also obtain it in English (from Equilter if you are in The States).


Maggi said...

How funny! What an awesome surprise, congratulations!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

that happened to me once in Quilting Arts LOL. It was shocking - in a good way.

congrats on the surprise publication!


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