Sunday, 15 November 2009

Star Madonna Ornament

I've uploaded the tutorial for this Christmas ornament on the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group so it's only fair that I'm showing it to you here. And after all as someone mentioned to my horror on the television yesterday:" there are only 6 weeks left till Christmas". How did that happen??

How does such a regularly occurring event manage to catch me by surprise each and every year? Perhaps because if I'm honest with myself I really don't like Christmas at all, not the food, not the artificial trees, not all the shopping in very busy shops. There seems remarkable little Peace on Earth about wherever you go. So much for my grumbling!!!

Here are the instructions for the star and let's all try to bring some Serenity to our lives somehow!

Start with a white background fabric and layer this with Fast2Fuse interfacing by ironing (following the manufacturer's instructions, always a good idea!). Add strips of lace and fancy yarns in white and silver by couching using your sewing machine and a large zig-zag stitch to hold things in position. When your original fabric is almost completely covered it's time to stop. Now take out your white gesso and a large brush. Water down your gesso a bit and spread it out all over your background. Let dry.

Find a star shape you like, and trace to the back of the Fast2Fuse and cut out the star. Iron on another fabric to the other side of the Fast2Fuse and finishe the edges of the star by zig-zag stitching using a silver thread. Make a hole at the top of the star (I used my Crop-a-Dile) and thread through a thin blue transparent ribbon (available from Alpha Stamps) and knot at the top.

Using a mega bottle cap (again from Alpha Stamps), layer a piece of background of your choice in the back of the cap. Mine was stamped with a large snowflake stamp (from Alpha Stamps Snow Clear Stamp set). Cut out the Madonna image from Alpha Stamps Mega Cap Madonna Collage Sheet and glue onto the background as shown. Add the text (Serenity) from a Judikins Transfer Sheet by following the instructions enclosed with the sheet. Glue on a silver snowflake charm. Add size 11 blue seed beads around the edges by glueing. Add a layer of Glossy Accents to the bottle cap and let dry.

When dry make 2 holes on opposite sides on the bottom of the cap and use these to stitch the bottle cap to the star, using a size 11 seed bead. Also make a hole on the bottom edge of the cap and add the pendant, which was made with a blue pearl, a blue bead pendant and silver wire, and hang from this hole.

Also make 2 holes on either side of the star and add a pendant on either side. The pendant was made using a blue transparent bead, a silver snowflake charm and silver wire.


Helen Cowans said...

Have to agree with you about Christmas! Bah Humbug :)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

so pretty! thanks for the tutorial - you're so clever!

I feel the same way about Christmas - it just seems to be a big marketing campaign, with very little spiritual

I could go on and on about the Sell Stuff for Jesus' Birth Day - but I won't. LOL

Again, your Madonna star is lovely!

catherine said...

your blog is so nice i enjoy it a lot ! have a gook evening from France !!

Maggi said...

This is beautiful!


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