Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow!

Finally the moment I've secretly been waiting for, has arrived. In fact I wait for it every winter since we came to live here. We woke up to a white, snowy world. I just love snow! It makes the whole world look cleansed, and immaculate. Where only yesterday there was mud and wet leaves, today there is only white beauty.
I never used to admit fully to my love for snow as poor John had to make his way to work through it. As he worked in a 24/7 job that meant he either had to stay at work and sleep there, if the snow fell while he was there or that he had to go to work early so that he was there safely before the snow started falling. So it seemed rather unfair of me to jump up and down with excitement, when the white stuff started to come down.

But I have no such reservations this year as he is also safely here and enjoying it as much as I do. Big fat flakes are continuing to come down, we've done a huge food shop yesterday for both us and the animals (very important!!) and we can simply sit back and admire the views! Could we possibly be getting a White Chrismas???

As we live in a former station, we were given this little train set by a friend of ours and doesn't it look great in the snow. I can just imagine how the actual trains used to come in like this in times gone by.

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Maggi said...

How beautiful! I so wish we got regular snow here!


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