Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I received a real fright today when I went into one of our old cottage rooms which we mainly use for storage till John gets around to painting and decorating (we've only lived here 14 years!!!). I reeled back in shock as I thought there was someone standing there. The room is quite dark with only one small window so it's hard to see clearly.

After getting myself together I realized it was my mannequin standing on the table with the cardigan on that I recently finished knitting. I had totally forgotten that I was going to take photographs and post them on the blog. The mannequin has been in my possession for many years and came from a shop that was closing, so she was a free gift. I used to do quite a bit of dressmaking back then before quilting etc. got in the way and used her as my model. She did have hair in those far off days but I've no idea where that disappeared to. She's now totally bald and I think this is what gives her such a frightening countenance, as you can see. Her blue eyes are a little too lifelike for comfort as well!

The cardigan was knitted during the long, wintery and snowy months of December and January as the light was simply too bad during the evenings to continue stitching and I seem to be unable to just sit still and watch television. So I obtained the pattern (from Araucania Collection Book 3, pattern 4), the wool (Araucania Toconao Multy, Colour 415) and knitted away. I'm really pleased with the results and love the wool, which is hand-dyed in Chile beautifully. The blue buttons came from one of the buttonboxes I can't stop myself from buying on Ebay!


Maggi said...

Frieda knits too?! *faint* lol You just do it all! This sweater is lovely! I've started to learn to knit but just feel so much more comfortable with a crochet hook in my hand! lol

And yes, that mannequin's eye are creepy real looking! lol

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

If we have an intruder, I hope it's so well dressed! Lovely sweater - luscious colors! - and the buttons are terrific!

Lenna Andrews said...

heehee! "back then before quilting etc. got in the way"
: ) oh, frieda!
well, you are an awesome knitter too, wow. Your cardigan looks great and i do love those buttons. I must say I would have been given a fright as well if I came upon your model in the dark! (but she does show off your sweater very nicely, doesn't she?)
xo lenna


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