Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I'll be back soon

Sorry to say that all Tiscali (now TalkTalk) dial up customers in the UK are without their service at the moment which includes me. They tell me their engineers are hard at work and hopefully the service will be back in about 24hrs. I'm typing this using the wireless connection of the organic farm down the road on my laptop, so no pictures either.
If the problem continues I will try and write some posts from the library bringing my pics with me on a CD.
I'm already missing you all but watch this space and I should be art posting again before too long!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

we will miss you too, Frieda! Thanks so much for your comment on my fabric-paper . . . looking forward to your return already!

Georgina said...

After my odd Sky/Wordpress interlude I think there must be something in the stars - Mercury must be in a blue funk! Hope you get sorted soon!

Debby said...

Geesh, not sure I could cope! Any idea when this will be fixed?


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